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Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Tue at 23:26

Hello CraftRealms,

Quick updates:

1. Hunger Games lag has been fixed.

2. Kit-PvP Server has been added. We are still in beta so expect changes and bugs.

3. Skyblock is now ONLINE!

4. Prison server ranks have been fixed. The old permissions plugin has been removed and replaced. Ranks will no longer reset.

5. Pixelmon Server is now ONLINE!


Neptune_PVP Hey, do not let me register on the server tells me my ip is already registered in my mind, I'm premium and leaves regist ...
Alex_Ben Finally PixelMon is Online!!
JusticeVendetta Hi good afternoon, on your server craftrealms non-premium user can log in to my account and enter my mind has not left m ...

The Long Awaited Tourney is HERE!

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Aug 8, 15

Hello CraftRealms

The tourney promised long ago for our birthday this year is finally here. I know it's been a long time but I have been really busy.

Lets get down to the specifics. The tourney will be taking place TOMORROW, SUNDAY AUGUST 9! I know It's in a really short notice but that is the only day I will be off and will have time to actually stream the tourney and give out the prizes :).

Here is how the tourney will be taking place. (All Times Are Standard Eastern Time)

- Each team will need to sign up Today by 11:59 PM!

- Each team needs to have 1 Leader!

- Each team needs to have 10 Players in Total!

- Each team needs to have a Unique Name!

- Every Member MUST show up when the tourney begins!

- The first 4 teams to enter will be chosen. BUT more teams should comment with their members in-case one, or more, of the teams do not show up.

- Tourney Will Begin 11 AM On Sunday. Time can be changed to 12PM if needed, but not more than that!


- Matches Will Be Best of 3.

- Team Leaders will Pick The Maps that will be Played.

- All Members Must be Present when the match starts!

- You are allowed to edit your team Members before the game starts! NOT during the game!

- If a single member if your team is caught cheating your whole team will be removed from the tourney and permenantly banned from joining any future tourneys and that player will be banned from our Network!

- TeamSpeak rooms will be available upon request.

- The FINAL match will be BEST OF 5!


- 1st Place: 50$ Coupon Per Player

- 2nd Place: 25$ Coupon Per Player

Optifine Capes:

- 2 Random Players Will Be Chosen from the Winning Team to get an Optifine Cape!

- 1 Rnadom Player Wil Be Chosen from the 2nd Team to get an Optifine Cape!


- Comment BELOW The following Info:

Team Name:

Team Leader:

Team Members:

You Must Be ONLINE tomorrow at 11 AM Eastern Standard Time.

(If needed we can push it to 12 PM at most.)

That's it!


- Pr0Acid

senecta64 Hask are akb tell me please
Pr0Acid OPOne and Only I need team leaders to comment down bellow their members profile links so i can give them the coupons
NeonFinn I want a team

Survival - GTA - Prison - Bridges ALL DONE :)

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Jul 26, 15

Hello CraftRealms

Servers are back up :)

Thanks for waiting!

As you have noticed Survival has been offline for a while now because of the machine that it is on has been having drive issues.

To fix this i will need to move all the files out, reinstall the os and put everything back.

The drive itself seems to be okay, it passed all checks so it has to do with something on our file system.

I will update you on this once am done.

SergioGamer_Yt a question I do not understand why night morning I left wing banned in craftrealms if I did nothing wrong plis sos ;( ...
leoelpetete hola como hago para registrarme es que no puedo me sale que tengo que crear un account y ya me le he creado ayuda
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