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Welcome our new Trial Staff Members!

GrrBarkWooF OPUnited PawsVIP posted Jun 16, 15

Hello CraftRealms!

Today is a special day! We now have 15 New Trial Moderators that will be moderating our servers! On behalf of the entire Staff Team we would like to give them a warm welcome! If you applied but were rejected please do not feel bad. We had many good applicants, but we can only accept a limited amount of Trial Moderators, however do not let this fact to refrain you from keeping good relations with the accepted Trial Moderators and current staff. Keep working hard, stay active, and continue to make many reports and i am sure that you will be accepted next season.

To our new Trial Mods, keep in mind that you are now being tested on how good you perform. Being active is one of the most important things you can do from here on out. Do not be afraid to talk to the upper staff members!

Here are our new Trial Moderators:

  • Jeikaa
  • Rin21
  • OverCrafterINC
  • WaYsMiDNiTe
  • mine_crafter64
  • mafiasworder
  • xNexotx
  • Shadix7890
  • Lysseh
  • Jonna99
  • CraftingEmerald
  • SkyTheKitty
  • CraftCopGaming
  • Ouja
  • Sarah_Quad
hatersgonn Good job Trial-Mods!
Luizzz2697 That is closed The Bridges?

UHC WInners

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Jun 8, 15

Renzott Excume Green Team (Second place) (T.T) (T.T) (T.T) (T.T) *He had nerves xD*
The Chosen One Who's Mrs. Wag MC?
minecrafter5647 congrats everyone

Pixelmon is Back

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Jun 7, 15

CraftRealms Pixelmon is back.


Mod and Info on how to install can be found: HERE

Enjoy :)

Gerun Sorry Guys i can't register because my brother already registered (360HeadShawts) Please help me.. :(
WaYs/Jack Builder Do you need help getting on the CR Pixelmon server go here to learn exactly how!! (Tutoria ...
HotPot Ummm what do I download for the mod
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