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EggWars Map Contest!

Pr0Acid OPOwner posted May 29, 17

Submit all map entries HERE

Make sure you follow this FORMAT

Nickatto Acabo de comprar mi rango prros
kill1308 que paso con el server lo hackiaron xd
JOSEPH01HD Alv que abran el server ya

Hello guys,

I wanted to make this post and ask what servers do you guys want us to keep/add to the network and what servers we should remove.

Also i wanted to ask what version of minecraft we should keep the servers? I wanted to update to the latest version, that should fix some of the lag and also allow new players to join.

Tell me what you think in the comments.

kill1308 Do not throw the server but leave it in the two versions making this super vien ami criterion 1.7.2 forever
iDaddyMetricx I think you should put a SkyWars lobby for 1.7, and a skywars lobby for 1.8 to 1.8.9
iOlveraTrukiz Alguien sabe como cambiar la contraseña en /Login se me a olvidado
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