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                                Hello CraftRealms

   Donor ranks will be 50% OFF for the next 3 days to celebrate the opening of some of the servers and the introduction of the new ranks.

Additionally, this might help us get the 600$ we still need to get our 6 Month deal with the server provider.

All donations are greatly appreciated.

In another note, for those who have donated on the module above please leave a comment below on how you want the coupons to be given to you.
Amount Donated:
Coupons: [Here type how you want the price to be broken into coupons. Example 20$ can be 4 coupons of 5$ each!

Also note to add 50% of the price you donated to your coupons - 10$ 50% = 5$ so coupons should add up to 15$

For those who have noticed that your rank is wrong also leave a comment below and we will fix it as well.

Here is the correct Rank Exchange


Ultra -> Legend
Master -> Eclipse
Overlord ->Nova


Fighter -> Legend
Guardian -> Eclipse
Rebel -> Nova + 10$ Coupon
Olympian -> Prestige


VIP -> Legend
Honored -> Legend + 5$ Coupon
Titan -> Eclipse
CEO -> Nova
Duke -> Prestige
Noble -> Prestige +20$ Coupon
Knight -> Prestige +70$ Coupon
King -> Prestige +110$ Coupon
Emperor -> Prestige +170$ Coupon


Prison Timed Ranks Were broken so you will get no new rank for that.
For those who bought the lifetime ranks here is the change:

VIP Lifetime -> Eclipse +5$ Coupon
VIP+ Lifetime -> Nova +10$ Coupon
VIP++ Lifetime -> Prestige


Items + Kits bought will be given to you again.

Prospect -> Legend
Thug -> Eclipse
Homie -> Nova
Gangsta -> Prestige

If you see that there has been a mistake with your rank please leave a comment in this format:

Amount Donated:
Old Rank:
New Rank:

Also if you had a rank in multiple servers you can either add up the amounts to get a higher rank. If you already have the highest rank and still have donated for more than that then leave a comment in this format.

Amount Donated:
Rank: Prestige
Coupons: here type how you want the coupons to be broken down, example: 3x 10$ coupons if your had 30$ over the 80$ Prestige rank.

Please do not send me a personal message, just leave a comment here and i will help you as soon as possible.

All information you provide will be double checked with donation history. If i catch you lying you will lose even your current rank. Please be honest and fair.

Thank you!

JBH284 Name: JBH284 Old Rank: Master New Rank: Eclipse Other: I'm not ranked on any server, I lost my rank.
EPIC_HTM Username: EPIC_HTM Amount Donated: 10$ Old Rank: Fighter New Rank: Legend
Wɪɴɢ Yᴜᴇ VIPVoter Username: Wing_Yue Amount Donated: $280 Old Ranks: Emperor, Master and please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe I h ...

Important Server Notice

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Jan 9, 15
Hello CraftRealms

     The past few months donations have been significantly shorter than they used to be and we have not been able to meet our ends monthly the way we used to. And this has become an important part of hosting the server and keeping it online. I talked to our host since its been almost a year that we have them and since it was new years, and i asked them to give us a better deal with all the machines we have from them.

They gave me a really good deal but the only way they would benefit enough is from a long term deal. So they offered us a 6 month deal which saves us around 35%. Paying for 6 months though means that a lot of money need to be put up front. I myself have around 70% of the amount needed and someone else already put around 20% more so we are really close to getting all the money we need to pay for 6 months and then we really do not have to worry for the bills for a half a year which when being a server owner is quite a massive relief.

Right now the total we have is 4300$ and the amount due is 5200$ We are missing 900$.

The remaining money we need is around 900$. This is where you guys can come in. I asked them to give me 2 weeks to think about the deal.

Now here is the thing,

If you are willing to donate you will receive 50% more worth that amount in CR Store credit so you can buy ranks or items for the servers.

Example if you donate 10$ you will get 15$ worth of store credit.

You can donate on the box above this post.

BUT there is a second option for those that are able to put a bigger amount. You are able to lend me the money and i will pay you back as the month goes by. But for this option we would need to talk privately on skype or on the site or anywhere for that matter.

So if the second option fits you please add me on skype: Pr0.Acid or if you already have me added then feel free to message me about this and i will explain more in depth.
Jectter559[SidemenSquad] Username: jectter550 Amount Donated: Olympian,Gangsta,Overlord Rank: Prestige Coupons: 4 $5 Coupons and 2 $10 coupons S ...
LukaPro124 I have the glitch Your IP has banned for this srv (i didn't post any IP LOL) (and i didn't hack or cheat)
XxAndrew14xX I would donate i just need earn some money... ya know this is not easy for a normal player like me to get cash...

CraftRealms Progress Updates

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Jan 3, 15
CraftRealms Updates

  -  = Done
[X] = Still in Progress

Over All Progress:
[==========-----] 85%
Estimated Time To OPEN: January 12th 2015.

- Servers have been re-arranged to boost performance.
- Servers running the same games have been placed in same machines.

- Global Ranks
[X] Custom Codded Permissions Plugin
[X] Extra Per Server Perks and Items on The Donor Shop.
[X] Make Ranks Sync With Site.

- New hub has been added
- New Server Portals
[X] Better Hub UI
[X] Hub boosts
[x] Hub Pets and Effects

- Dupe glitch has been fixed.
- New voting system
- Crates + Keys
- Runes
- Drop Party on Vote Goal Reach
- In-Game Money Ranks
[X] Factions Map Fix

[X] More stuff i don't remember :P

- NEW Rankup plugin and system, it should no longer mess with donor ranks!
- When mining items go directly into your inventory.
- Pickaxes track the amount of blocks broken on the item name
- NEW SHOP, you can sell all your items with ONE click! No more spamming 10000000x signs.
- Donor auto smelt ores option.
- Selling Shop Price Multipliers. [Voters + Donors]
- New awesome scoreboard
- New voting system
- New donor ranks
- Crates + Keys
- Drop Party on Vote Goal Reach
[X] Custom coded plugin for renting cells.

- Cleaned up plugins.
- Moved databases for faster connection
- New donor ranks
- New voting perks
- New scoreboard stats
- Drop Party on Vote Goal Reach
- Crates + Keys
- In-Game money ranks

- New skyblock plugin
- New fancy scoreboard
- Crates + Keys
- Voting perks
- Drop Party on Vote Goal Reach
- New donor ranks
- New Plugin: Greenhouses! Allows to grow stuff that grow on different biomes at your own island!!
- In-Game money ranks

- New Donor Ranks.

- NEW PLUGIN Coded by us! Hopefully no lag :)
- New Donor rank
- New Voting Perks
- New Kits
- In-Game Point ranks

- New Donor Ranks

Hunger Games
- New Rank System
- New Donor Ranks
- New SPAWN!!!!
- Voting perks
- In-Game point ranks
- Leaderboard system
[X] Weekly map rotation system.

- New Donor Ranks
- Voting Perks
- In-Game money ranks
[X] Monthly building events.

[X] Server might be removed.

- Move it to a better machine.
- Run the world through ChunkManager to fix potentially corrupt chunks.

aadilstrexes guys i cant get into the server it says not whitelisted scince i can see they removed the sign "will be back in 3 o ...
boycraftXD Mcmmo just makes PVP soooooo easy, there should be another pvp server (I mean 2 different pvp servers with 2 different g ...
WaYsMiDNiTe Everyone stop moaning because CR isn't up the staff are working their ar* * 's of to try and get the server back up just ...
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