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NightFall Application Change (Temp)

Nightrdr OPVoter posted Sun at 14:00
  With a number of the CraftRealms servers being down for maintenance recently, NightFall has had an increase in membership applications.  At the same time we have had a significant increase in the number of bans for language, stealing, and griefing.  We have rules posted at the spawn and also signs saying how to apply for membership, but people seem to be ignoring the signs.  There are more rules but none will get you banned faster than language, stealing or griefing.
  All of NightFall is a no griefing/stealing area, even areas not claimed.  If you break a build, kill their animals, steal from a chest, or trample crops you will be found and banned.  English is the only language allowed in chat/messages/mail/signs and the CR standards for language are enforced with a warning then a ban unless racist or extreme (perm ban 1st time).
  The application process is going to be slowed down so I have more time to find a players history.  Players without any history may not be approved as fast as normal so we can see how you are in-game.  If you know someone already a member of NightFall, you may want to ask them to comment on your application as member opinions will help.
  Bottom line, the application process for NightFall is going to be taking longer. There are going to be more rejects (but you may want to reapply after the other servers are back up). Good comments from current members will help.
chocolatepud Nightrdr, Mod like NEI,Optifine,DamageIndecator are these count as a Hacking Mod?

PvP Factions Server Reset

Pr0Acid OP posted Jul 8, 14

Hello CraftRealms

The PvP Factions server will be down for the next few days as we want to fix some of the issues and reset it as requested by popular demand.

I will update this post with how the server is doing and what has changed once the server goes back to public mode. 

Thanks for your patience.

- CraftRealms

viodia111 Lol only 15days chill....
TechnoBombGaming God. Its so long. But please. Don't add runes back. Its horrible.
x3Sakura_ GOD!! how long will it take i can't stand anymore :/ it's nearly 3 weeks :C hmm beside other faction server this much be ...
Hello CraftRealms

       Staff applications for the Trial-Mod position are open and you are welcome to apply.

Apply Here: Click Me

Applications will close on July 14th 2014 at 11:59 PM EST

Few Notes and Guidelines.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT ask ANY staff member to read your application, it will get denied if you do so! We will read all applications after the 14th of July.

1. Please if you are going to apply, be serious, we often get applications that are simply meant for sarcasm, and though i appreciate a good laugh, i would rather spend that time reading an application that is worth reading.

2. Please take a few hours to complete your application. Try to be as detailed as you can while still remaining relevant and on point.

3. Do NOT copy someone else's application. It will be detected and you will be banned from both the site and server permanently.

4. You do NOT have to be a donor to apply.

5. We recommend that you have at least been playing for more than 4 weeks if you are considering to apply.

6. Please do NOT lie in your application. Most of the question in the application are easy to double check if the answer you gave is valid so please remain as honest as you can. We often get people saying that they have been playing for 5 years... and well the server was not here 5 years ago.

7. Being a staff member means a lot of work and effort and anyone telling you otherwise is either lying or not doing their job.

8. If you are applying just for the rank then please do not bother because it will be really obvious and it will simply get you demoted pretty fast.

9. Being a staff member means that you are representing CraftRealms. This means that i expect you to be at your best behavior, act mature, and keep your language as sophisticated as possible.

10. This is your chance to make CraftRealms a better place and to add your own unique touch to this community at a administrative level. We hope you bring a positive attitude and help us keep CraftRealms as the Number 1 Cracked server in the world :)

Thank you and I hope these small notes help you decide if being a Trial-Mod is worth your time.

- CraftRealms
Diamond2Creeper why theres no Trial Moderator application now
BrettyBoyOnly I applied but it seems like no one is noticing. well i guess I have to be more O...S
Nwien Oh?
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