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Pr0Acid OP posted Fri at 21:43
Hello CraftRealms

Thanks to all who took the time to apply. This time around we had the most applications we ever had so far in our server so the chance of getting accepted got lowered by a lot.

Remember that if your name is not on this list, it doesn't mean that your help is not valued, it just means that you need to work a bit harder to get yourself known and to help the community in any way you can.

Without further ado, here are "the chosen ones":

- FreyaPlaysMC
- Choco42
- RashFlygon
- FirstFireFalcon
- xxHoboJackxx
- Dragonoid12
- MrxMaster123
- Jadix

- Sprayerxx
- Jorjaestelle
- Overcrafter

PvP War/ Clan War:
- Jsanchez55
- asmcint
- Davislabolt

- xxBlueSalemsxx

- RainbowOcelots

- himty
- CraftingEmerald

- Jsanchez55

- VivaPedroxJr
- Spodii69 
- xVenHD

- Zamadomix69
- ThaPoraThes

- SpeedBob123
- Thegamerzhut

**Sorry if i have misspelled a username, if you do spot a mistake leave a comment bellow

Good luck to all the new T-Mods, Remember that being a T-Mod you are not excluded from the rules, you are expected to follow and enforce the rules of our Network accordingly. This is a trial period to show us what you have to offer and to prove to everyone else that we made the right decision to pick you for this position.

- CraftRealms
firefate102 yeah about the scb admins /mods um im having a problem with donors because they are using their powers and i keep wininn ...
agizzlefizzle123 Congrats to everyone! May the force be with you.
Exose Grats to all the new T-Mods. ...
   ALL current members in good standing and active within the previous 60 days will be added to the whitelist.  After 1 Aug, anyone wanting join NightFall will need to make an application and have it approved before being added to the whitelist.  More details as they become available.
CaylaPlaysMC How do you make an application?
joshhuav o am i active and in good standing nightrtr?

PvP Factions Server Reset

Pr0Acid OP posted Jul 8, 14

Hello CraftRealms

The PvP Factions server will be down for the next few days as we want to fix some of the issues and reset it as requested by popular demand.

I will update this post with how the server is doing and what has changed once the server goes back to public mode. 

Thanks for your patience.

- CraftRealms

black_rider99 any news about the pvp server? we have been waiting for a while.
vietdzung I miss Faction, please can you tell when it will be back up
STTL Are ye almost done? I miss CR ...
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