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Hello guys,

I wanted to make this post and ask what servers do you guys want us to keep/add to the network and what servers we should remove.

Also i wanted to ask what version of minecraft we should keep the servers? I wanted to update to the latest version, that should fix some of the lag and also allow new players to join.

Tell me what you think in the comments.

marv9n Elite Just use 1.8.9, add hcf, fix lag
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Server Will Be Down

Pr0Acid OPOwner posted Apr 3, 17

Hello guys for the past few months we have not been getting enough monthly donations to cover fully for the server costs and i been adding from my own pocket to pay for the remaining difference which i am totally not complaining about. Also thank you so much to the people that have been paying for the monthly costs of the site. I have not paid for the site in god knows how long. SO THANK YOU to the people that have been paying for it, (If am not wrong i think it's Nezz)

Anyway, this week i had a lot of bills to pay and i don't have enough to add to this months bill. We are missing around 110$ if guys are willing to help you can donate on the module on the right side of the site. 

IF you cannot donate thats totally fine :) I will get paid on friday and should be able to pay for the remaining cost. 

If we get enough money before friday then server will be up whenever we get the 110$ if not then you just have to wait till friday.

If you do donate you can leave your username and we can give you a rank or give you coupons to give to others and so on.

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