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TMod Apps & Other Stuff.

GrrBarkWooF OPUnited PawsVIP posted Nov 23, 14
Hello CraftRealm'ers,

TMod Apps:
Today is the day mostly all of you have been waiting for. As the title suggests, the apps are officially now open. With this in mind, i urge everyone to be patient. The apps will be open for about 2 weeks, and will remain closed for a week after that so that all staff can review the apps and make decisions on who will get chosen. Remember that you have 2 weeks to apply so do not rush your app. Being the first to submit your app isn't always the best idea. We never base our decisions on who applied first. Take your time in writing out the app and make sure you put a tremendous amount of work/effort into it. We hope we get a good amount of players to apply. Best of luck to all those who will apply.

Donation Store Glitch:
As many of you had either seen or heard, our donation store had had a problem for a quite a while now which prevented many people from donating. Today however, that glitch has been fixed and so now more players can donate. I would personally like to thank all those who continue to support us both financially and metaphorically. 

As for the Media Applications, those will start getting accepted in about a week. I will start getting the page ready to add all that media. Remember that if you want to "feature" your media on the media page, you will be able to do so by donating in the donation page. (Soon to be added).

Thank you all, and have a good day/night.!


FreakGamer03 @ SkyBlock
Help please I bought a Overlord rank and I'm not logged in yet to the server when I bought it please help some kits for ...
thegamerzhut VIPVoter Hello, again. Before I begin, I would like to make my sincerest apologies for my abrupt and swift departure a few months ...
caleb1996 Fix it please I lost my 35 gold blocks and my mini gun

News & Other info.

GrrBarkWooF OPUnited PawsVIP posted Oct 23, 14
Hello CraftRealms,

For the past few months donations have been on a decrease, yet bills are high as ever. In an attempt to raise donations to keep our server safe we will be selling a few extra limited time only items. These items will be available for sale until New Years.

Micro Tags:
These Micro Tags will go for sale sometime this weekend. As for the Clan War MicroTags, they will go for sale on Nov. 16.

- $10 Customizable MicroTags:
These "MicroTags" are the ones that you are able to see next to usernames on the forums such as the green "Voter" tag or the yellow "OP" tag. You will be allowed to buy one of these with whatever word you want. For example if you would like to put "PvP'er" or whatever, you will be allowed to do so. You will also be able to choose your Text color AND you background color. (Limit of 10 characters). After you buy it through the store, you will receive a "Waiting..." microtag. You may then send me an inbox message with the Text color, Background Color, and Text you want for your tag. For a full list of color numbers please visit

- $5 Clan War MicroTags:
As Most of you know, we will be hosting a Clan War Tournament on Nov. 15. If you participate in a Clan & In a match, you will have the availability to buy a "Special" Clan tag with your Clan name on it. The design of the tag will be made by your clan leader. Remember that if you do not participate in the event you will NOT be able to purchase this special tag.

Point Shop:
In a few days the new Global Donor ranks will be made available for everyone to purchase. In the wake of this we have decided to let users buy the "1 Month" version of any of those ranks for a certain amount of points. Remember that these will only last one month and after that you may buy it again if you have enough points. Top Voters will now receive extra points depending on what position they ended. We hope this encourages players to vote more often.

We are lacking staff on some of the servers, so in response to this we will be opening up Trial-Mod applications soon. We do not have a definite day but, it will most likely going to be after the Clan War Tournament. They will remain open for about a month.

Good luck to all those who think they are worthy of becoming staff, remember that your application and your Trial-Mod stage define the type of player you are. Work hard on both and you will become an excellent staff member.

Prison server will re-open on November 1st. 

EntityWolf Waiting for the T-Mod apps to open.
MCDFX Voter ~Prison now open~ Hope you guys like the new warps!
AssasinDaniel1 Thanks so much

Massive Rank Giveaway

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Sep 14, 14

Hello CraftRealms

To show you our appreciation and to give a chance for people to experience some of the new ranks, we are having a massive rank giveaway!

- 10 Legendary Ranks (1 Month)
- 5 Legendary Ranks (3 Months)
- 3 Legendary Ranks (6 Months)
- 2 Legendary Ranks (1 Year)

There are a few ways to enter and we will pick people from all of them at different times so make sure you do all of them for a better chance at getting a rank!

1. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
Click Here

2. Leave a Comment and a Rating in these Videos. (More Videos Might be Added During the Week!)
NEW Video: Click Me
Video: Click Me
Video: Click Me
Video: Click Me

3. Follow Us On Twitter
CraftRealms: Click Me
MineBlade: Click Me

4. Tweet us on Twitter with #CRGiveaway

5. Win a Tournament. (Info Will be released once plans are finalized.)

Giveaway ends on September 28 2014 11:59 PM EST.
(2 Weeks)

Q: I already am a donor, should i enter?
A: Yes, if you are a donor and don't want the rank, you can give it to someone else.

Q: What should I comment?
A: Try to give feedback of things you like and things you wish would be better about that video or CraftRealms in general.

Q: Why are you asking me to follow MineBlade on twitter?
A: MineBlade is premium Network that me and Konato_K own and will soon be released to the public. 

Q: Am i allowed to comment more than once?
A: Yes as long as you have something new to say, spamming is not allowed.

Q: How will you pick the winners?
A: There will be 2 ways we will pick the winners. 10 will be chosen at random. 10 will be chosen based on the comments that you make, if we find your comment unique and informative then we might choose it :)

Q: Can i win twice?
A: No, we will make sure that all winners are different.

Thanks and Good Luck To Everyone!

- Pr0Acid

keithteo34lion those im done all btw my youtube name is keith teo and twitter keith teo or keithteo34lion :D
john45d good server gta en pvp war ...
Superqami I entered before the deadline, but incase my Twitter IS TheSuperqami...
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