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A little surprise!

Nez8228 OPVoterVIPEliteGold posted Feb 27, 18

Hey guys! We’ve been getting some interest in getting SkyBlock back up and running. I’ve decided to take on that task and present to you

CraftRealms Skyblock!

I’m glad I’ve finished working on most of it before my birthday and today I present this server to you guys as a birthday gift!

This Skyblock includes:

- Craft GUI

- Spawner upgrades

- Auction

- Trade

- Custom Ore Generators

- Custom Menus

- Public Mine

- Shops

- ChestShop

- Bartender

- Iron golem pet

- and more!

As this is the first release of this remake of Skyblock, please let me know below if there are anything that needs tweaking and I’ll take a look into it. I’ve gone through suggestions given by you guys on the forums and have decided to have this version first and we’ll look into more features in the future. I’ve decided against adding Mcmmo as the plugin’s current build itself isn’t working properly for now. We’ll keep an eye out on future updates. *Kits will come soon, just need to figure out what kind of kit items would be cool enough for release.

Donor perks


- Able to sell 15 items on Auctions
- /hat
- /kit Bronze*


- Everything from Bronze
- /feed
- Able to sell 20 items on Auctions
- /kit Silver*
- Ore generator upgraded to level 2
- Skyblock max team size 6
- Skyblock max homes 6


- Everything from Silver
- Able to sell 25 items on Auctions
- Ore generator upgraded to level 3
- /kit Gold*
- Skyblock max team size 8
- Skyblock max homes 8


- Everything from Gold
- Able to sell 30 items on Auctions
- Ore generator upgraded to level 4
- /clearinventory
- /kit Elite*
- Skyblock max team size 12
- Skyblock max homes 12
- /god
- /fly


- Everything from Elite
- Able to sell 50 items on Auctions
- /heal
- Keep XP on death
- Ore generator upgraded to level 5
- /kit FakeOwner*
- Skyblock max team size 16
- Skyblock max homes 16

Nightrdr OPVoter Kudos Nez. With you in charge I am sure it will be a success.
himty GoldBronze mines? O: I'll take this as a prison remake as well wooooot!
Osopolar im excited

Server Will Be Down

Pr0Acid OPOwner posted Apr 3, 17

Hello guys for the past few months we have not been getting enough monthly donations to cover fully for the server costs and i been adding from my own pocket to pay for the remaining difference which i am totally not complaining about. Also thank you so much to the people that have been paying for the monthly costs of the site. I have not paid for the site in god knows how long. SO THANK YOU to the people that have been paying for it, (If am not wrong i think it's Nezz)

Anyway, this week i had a lot of bills to pay and i don't have enough to add to this months bill. We are missing around 110$ if guys are willing to help you can donate on the module on the right side of the site. 

IF you cannot donate thats totally fine :) I will get paid on friday and should be able to pay for the remaining cost. 

If we get enough money before friday then server will be up whenever we get the 110$ if not then you just have to wait till friday.

If you do donate you can leave your username and we can give you a rank or give you coupons to give to others and so on.

R3xiiSaurusYT Extraño, la 1.7 =( ponganla otra vez, plox o sino son putos :v
adriangamer117 Please, ProAcid Return CraftRealms to version 1.7 is very uncomfortable to play in 1.8
MiguelGamer_04 ALGUIEN ME AYUDAA...? discula me robaron mi cuenta en el server de craftrealms y mi cuenta tenia rango elite lo acababa ...
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