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Another reason for NightFall members to vote

Nightrdr OPVoter
Nightrdr @ Nightfall
posted Sep 21, 14
    The Point Shop has a new section for NightFall items.  If you are new to voting or the Point Shop system please start at:
  When you are ready to use your voting points to make a purchase, select the NightFall tab at the Point Shop, or go to:
IMPORTANT: Make sure you are in game at NightFall before making any purchase.  If you are not in game, the points will be lost but you will not get your purchased items (or points returned).
Nightrdr OPVoter
Nightrdr @ Nightfall
There are many things that may be off. The voting system from the website IMO works best, but you must make sure your si ...
orejas63 i voted on all sites and i aint got no points, ;3 ;/

Massive Rank Giveaway

Pr0Acid OP posted Sep 14, 14

Hello CraftRealms

To show you our appreciation and to give a chance for people to experience some of the new ranks, we are having a massive rank giveaway!

- 10 Legendary Ranks (1 Month)
- 5 Legendary Ranks (3 Months)
- 3 Legendary Ranks (6 Months)
- 2 Legendary Ranks (1 Year)

There are a few ways to enter and we will pick people from all of them at different times so make sure you do all of them for a better chance at getting a rank!

1. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
Click Here

2. Leave a Comment and a Rating in these Videos. (More Videos Might be Added During the Week!)
NEW Video: Click Me
Video: Click Me
Video: Click Me
Video: Click Me

3. Follow Us On Twitter
CraftRealms: Click Me
MineBlade: Click Me

4. Tweet us on Twitter with #CRGiveaway

5. Win a Tournament. (Info Will be released once plans are finalized.)

Giveaway ends on September 28 2014 11:59 PM EST.
(2 Weeks)

Q: I already am a donor, should i enter?
A: Yes, if you are a donor and don't want the rank, you can give it to someone else.

Q: What should I comment?
A: Try to give feedback of things you like and things you wish would be better about that video or CraftRealms in general.

Q: Why are you asking me to follow MineBlade on twitter?
A: MineBlade is premium Network that me and Konato_K own and will soon be released to the public. 

Q: Am i allowed to comment more than once?
A: Yes as long as you have something new to say, spamming is not allowed.

Q: How will you pick the winners?
A: There will be 2 ways we will pick the winners. 10 will be chosen at random. 10 will be chosen based on the comments that you make, if we find your comment unique and informative then we might choose it :)

Q: Can i win twice?
A: No, we will make sure that all winners are different.

Thanks and Good Luck To Everyone!

- Pr0Acid

StedPlaysMC my name is StedPlaysMC if i win but its ok if i lose
BobIsDerp Q:How about if the winner account is a cracked account not premium minecraft account? A:???????
exshiro I apreciate they are people who can do some time for that.

Important Rank Updates!

Pr0Acid OP posted Sep 10, 14

Hello CraftRealms, this post will have everything you need to know about Donor ranks and the changes that are going to take place in CraftRealms. Please take the time to read the post fully before asking questions that could potentially be already answered in this post.

We are adding 3 new ranks to the shop. NOTE: We are NOT removing the old ranks or the fact that they last forever. These 3 NEW ranks are there for those who see more benefit into them.

For example, for someone who plays on all of our servers, these 3 new ranks would be more beneficial for you, but if you are a player that plays only on one server then these ranks might not be for you.

Once again, nothing will change to the current ranks, we are simply adding 3 new ranks.

The 3 Additional Ranks:

 Global Ranks 
The 3 new ranks will be applied through-out the whole network (ALL of the Servers). This means that you pay once and you get a rank on all our current and future servers.

 There will be 3 NEW ranks to pick from:
- Elite
- Champion
- Legendary

Ranks will be Monthly, Quarterly, Biannual, Annual.
- 1 Month
- 3 Months
- 6 Months
- 12 Months

Rank 1:
- 10$ -> 1 Month
- 20$ -> 3 Months *You Save 10$*
- 30$ -> 6 Months *You Save 30$*
- 50$ -> 1 Year *You Save 70$*

Rank 2:
- 15$ -> 1 Month
- 30$ -> 3 Months *You Save 15$*
- 60$ -> 6 Months *You Save 30$*
- 100$ -> 1 Year *You Save 80$*

Rank 3:
- 20$ -> 1 Month
- 45$ -> 3 Months *You Save 15$*
- 90$ -> 6 Months *You Save 30$*
- 150$ -> 1 Year *You Save 90$*

The New Rank Perks: CLICK ME

These 3 NEW ranks will be added to the shop within the next few hours. Thanks for the feedback that you guys gave us, I realized that some people would not benefit from these ranks as much as some others, so now instead of replacing the old ranks, we are keeping everything we had, we are simply adding these ranks for those who want ranks on ALL of our servers for 1 price, you end up saving up to 75% when buying one of these new ranks.

If you are a current donor that wishes to switch their rank to one of the NEW ranks leave a comment bellow and we will discuss it.

- Pr0Acid

FenixDude why you delete mcMMo levels on PVP
Zamadomix69 Voter Umm, people have been asking me something on Skyblock. When these ranks get implemented, will the OverLords get the Crea ...
americo because some of you banned me, I never used hacker
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