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CraftRealms will soon be back.

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Fri at 19:37

Hello guys,

Server will be back up in a few weeks.

More info will be posted soon.

Stay tuned.

AlphaJumping Hurryyyy I will continue with my loderunner class in skywars
ItsTuxed what time opens cr ??

Pixelmon Server

Demonicom OPPvP GodPVP-GOD posted Jul 21, 16

Hello CraftRealms,

       As many of you know, the CraftRealms server just recently took a break from all of its actions. So I thought to myself, how about I try to remake the pixelmon server. And so I did. I received help from Pr0Acid on the server. As you know, Pr0Acid is very busy. Therefore, I will be "Owner" for the pixelmon server. The pixelmon server just went up, so please report any bugs you see on my profile and not Pr0Acid's. 


      The version will be Pixelmon 3.5.1. This can be easily downloaded from the pixelmon website. The minecraft version is 1.7.10. I am aware that there are more later versions such as 4.2.0, but I decided to keep it a low version, as I don't want to burn anyone's computer. The server will be experiencing restarts because we have to obviously fix the problems that you guys report. We need help from you guys as well to make the pixelmon server as flawless as it can be. There will not be any gymleaders for now. Once the server reaches a point where it can stand, gymleaders will be added. Same format goes as before. There are two worlds. One world is called "Kanto Pokemon Region" which is a remake of a famous pokemon map called "Kanto". This is where you hunt and catch pokemon. There is another world called the void, which you guys may famously know from CraftRealm's previous servers. This world is for getting recourses only. Pokemon don't spawn there. Once again, more info on my profile wall. 

Here's the actual IP that you guys wanted lol:

Honestly I am excited for this. I hope to see you all there! 

delifisek Ip ye giremiyor adam akıllı söyleyin Ip nela
Alen200 i want pvpwars :( pls try to put up the PVPWar server
poozza Server isn't working for me...
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