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Minigame Ideas

Pr0Acid a posted Thu at 14:12
Hello CraftRealms

     We are seeking ideas for a completely new type of minigame and we would like to see what you guys can come up with.

     Submit your ideas here: Form

The idea that will be chosen will get an Overloard Rank on all the minigame servers. 

Contest ends on Wednesday April 30th 2014.

Good luck and thank you for taking the time to participate :)

- Pr0Acid
jbfabe123 I submitted 3, hope you like em Pr0 ...
Abyss28 There's no way Pr0 can't understand my idea lol.
Zenubuscus I've been waiting for this!

CraftRealms Bridges

Pr0Acid a posted Thu at 1:04
Hello CraftRealmers

   I am really happy to announce the opening for BETA testing of our own first custom minigame. The minigame is called Bridges and it has been fully coded by our developer Konato_K.

How To Play:
- You start buy jumping into the portal. Once you do so, you join the lobby for the next running game.

- In the lobby you can pick your desired kit!

- The lobby has a cap of 16 people and you will be randomly assign a team. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow.

- Once you join the game you are in a team of 4 and your goal is to collect items for 10 Minutes.

- Chests have items to help you get started.

- Breaking stone gives you items such as Iron, Coal and Diamond.

- Once 10 Minutes pass, bridges slowly get formed!  Be the first to make it to the center and get all the ores you can to gear up!

- Now your goal is to defeat all the remaining players!

- Enjoy :)

- Chests are filled with random items each time! [Added]
- Breaking stone gives you many other items you need! This helps us prevent xrayers. The chances of you getting anything other than cobblestone are rare and different each game! If you are a donor you get slightly better chances to receive better loot. [Added]
- Point System ( Still being worked on)[Added]
- Kits
- Unlimited running games! This means you never have to wait! [Added]
- /Report system. Able to report hackers to get them eliminated once and for all! [Added]

The server is still in BETA stage and bugs are to be expected. Please post all bugs so we can fix them ASAP!

Known Bugs:
- Resources time from 5 Min to 10 MIn (Already fixed! Will be on the next release) [FIXED]

- Apparently sometimes even though you defeat all other team members you still do not win the game! (Probable cause: Player from other team disconnected and hence never died. The game thinks the player is still in-game state. This is just a guess not sure. Will let the developer know) [FIXED]

- DragonBar shows up at spawn. [FIXED]

- Winners sometimes keep items on game end. [FIXED]

- Sometimes when you disconnect you crash other players playing. [FIXED]

- Post more bugs bellow!

If you want to support us and help us get more minigames please donate. Every donation we get is being used to found more custom minigames :)

- Thank you

P.S. Leave your feedback bellow and get a chance to get a free OverLoard rank :)
In your feedback you can suggest new features or you can simply state your opinion on what you think of the game so far.

[CodeReader]clydejallorina The game is great. It's a very familiar gameplay, which allows us to be much more comfortable in dealing out with other ...
himty Voter I personally think that the time in the lobby for choosing a class is a bit short (or maybe I'm just indecisive XP).
Amoudi Team Mates Can kill you by flint n Steel

NOTICE: NightFall Members!

Pr0Acid a posted Sun at 14:00
NightFall Map Requires a Reset
(Posted by Nightrdr not Pr0Acid) 
  There is just no way to get around it.  The map itself is corrupted and the chunk holes will keep forming.  Take 5 minutes to scream/holler and jump up/down.
Here is the best plan we have come up with:

  Starting today (13 Apr)(all dates/times are utc -8) I will be giving the NF staff access to WE but only to be used for copy/save.

Between now and next Sat (19 Apr) contact a staff member to store your main build/claim (not a grinder). The area saved will be above ground and named as your player name.  Players are limited to one (1) saved build/claim.

Between now and next Sat (19 Apr) you need to place your best items in /chest, enderchest, and inventory.  There is no way to save chests as they are a part of the map.  People will lose some things and that cannot be helped.  Testing has shown that with the newest version of World Edit, items in chests are also saved.  This means you do not have to use /chest but may.  Since chest contents are copied, once your build has been saved, it will be deleted until the reset.  This will prevent people from duplicating their stored items into /chest.

Next Sun (20 Apr) the server will be halted, reset (using same seed), and brought up in whitelisted mode.  Staff will be added to the whitelist after map regeneration is complete and will work together to return saved builds to their original locations as soon as possible.

The whitelist will be removed as soon as possible.  When it is, players will need to go back to check their claims and adjust if necessary.

On 1 May /chest and the enderchest at spawn will be removed.

Please tell all your friends to read this post.  Any player that fails to request their build be saved will find it gone on the reset map.  It is unsure if the claim will remain.

Some inactive players or those that do not visit the CR website will not get the message and may lose everything.  The choice was everyone loses everything or just inactive players that do not keep up with major posts.  It was my decision and I chose to save as much for active players as I can.

You have until next Saturday April 19 to contact a staff member for saving your one (1) build, and, if you want, to also move best items to /chest, enderchest, or inventory.
nikkidoodlesx3 so eventually /chest will no longer work? Thanks for the update! Got my little house saved ...
[CodeReader]clydejallorina Thank you for the notification.
xNeron O-M-G, so stuff in normal chests, that have been copied won't be saved as we thought?
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