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Pr0Acid OP posted 4 hours ago
Thanks to all voters for supporting our server on a daily basis! We have been getting on top lists on almost all sites that we posted our server on thanks to you guys! Keep it up!

- Jennyc01 - 50$
- Kennyle_ - 25$
- mrhappy2103 - 25$

- Nightrdr - 50$
- DFX - 25$
- Jennyc01 - 25$

Coupons have been sent to your enjin account. Please note that coupons are only 1 (ONE) use and if NOT used fully, all remaining amounts are lost.
Laurenozzo Wow, congrats to all of the winners! Well done! ...
kennyle_ Is there a expiration on the code? Because I'm banned from hub.
Hello everyone!
My name is kilker12! For those of you that don't know me I am the sole founder of Craftrealms!
Over 3 years ago my friend showed me Minecraft and I thought it was the stupidest game I'd ever seen. Then I tried playing it after he left my house... I didn't sleep that night.
After playing for some time on SP I discovering a service called Mineshafter (Are they still around anymore?) and got into a cracked server. I hated it. Everything was done poorly and made me sad. Then I realized Mojang allows anybody with a mouse and some batch file/networking experience run their own server, so naturally I had to try it out. I then figured I would post it on Mineshafters list of servers and see if anybody actually joined. I was thrilled to have 5 people playing on my server (hosted on my PC... imagine the laaag of a home internet connection!).

Heres a video made by our old head admin Bakersix of our 2nd(?) ever map. It made me cry uncontrollably.

Fast forward three years through many more map resets, a change of ownership, a player-sent death threat sent to my house by mail (yes, I'm serious), and many missed homework assignments, CraftRealms has become one of the biggest Minecraft servers the world has seen with 2000 members playing at any given time and over 30,000 registered users.

So yea guys, feel free to ask me any question that may cross your mind in the comments section below and Ill be sure to answer it! Ill also put together a list of good questions and answers in this post.

I might just be talking to people who don't give two poops about the history of their favorite server and just want more candy to stuff in their face so here's a big bar of chocolate for all you sugar-lovers!

EDIT 8/24/14: Yes I'm still going to try to answer your questions. I see that there's a lot that still need to be answered! Tomorrow between my classes Ill sit down and take more time to answer everyone's questions!
Yellowfire986 A DEATH THREAT?!... what the heck?, what was the reason u got a death threat?
awesome_kid_123 hey can you change the server this is the ip to a cracked server too because i wanna get my code can y ...
HeyNewHere hey i have built something pretty special in our creative plot world an admin should come check it out plus i would like ...

PvP Server Update

Pr0Acid OP posted Aug 1, 14
Hello CraftRealms

      After long work, the PvP server is 99% ready and will possibly open back tonight!

A few things have changed and I would like you to read this post carefully as i will try to answer almost all concerns to avoid confusion.

- Spawn World. We have a custom made spawn world which looks amazing! Thanks to Dr_Bond for his contribution and hard work on the spawn.
- Around the spawn PVP is enabled and there are a lot of areas to run and explore.
- To start your faction you need to teleport to the wild!
/Warp Wild , Warp Wild2 , Warp Wild3 
- To get to the nether you can do /warp nether
- To get to the End you can do /warp end
- To get to the shop you can do /warp shop
- To see the ranks on the server you can do /warp ranks.
- McMMO has been limited in a few ways to balance pvp and mining. Max levels have been brought down to 700.
- All Worlds have a 25000 Border
- Money, inventories, Factions, McMMO stats, PvP Stats have been reset.
- Runes were NOT added.

Donor ranks have been changed in quite a few ways. For starters there are now 4 Ranks instead of 10. 
The Ranks Are:
- Fighter: 10$
- Guardian: 25$
- Rebel: 40$
- Olympian: 80$

These ranks had their perms and kits changed. Please check /warp ranks for more exact info.
Commands like /tnt /antioch /fireball have been removed from all donor ranks.

To make up for these changes everyone has been given a massive rank boost. EVERYONE who had a rank bellow guardian was upgraded to Guardian. So even if you had a Fighter rank, you now have been given Guardian. To all those who had Guardian and above, you now have Olympian.

ALL OLD Crusaders, Rebels, Rangers and Olympians please leave a comment bellow with your username. Due to the fact that now Olympian is 80$ Everyone who bought Crusader and up paid 90$ or more and You will get a store coupon of the amount difference. Please make sure that you leave a comment bellow if you had bought any of those 4 Ranks listed above. I still have the list of old donors so i will double check all the comments. If you are caught lying you will be banned from CR for 60 Days.

Rank Info and perks will be updated on the donor store tonight as well.

This update was done with the aim of achieving a very balanced pvp/rading experience. We tried to be as fair as we could with all the donor perks so donors would not mess with the gameplay of non-donors.

Thanks For Reading!

- Pr0Acid
LittleSasquatch LSasquatch Rank: Olympian have not got coupon yet! ...
Emolester Voter ign : Emolester Rank : Olympian Haven't gotten a coupon yet.
Rami620 VIP ign: Rami620 Rank: olympian used coupon used about 20 dident know 1 use
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