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SkyBlock Changes v3.0

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Mar 16, 16

Skyblock Server Changes:

- 1.8.8 Server Update. [Yes now that server has the 1.8 blocks]

- Fixed Challenges!!!

- Fixed Island Levels

- Fixed Island Top

- Added Fancy Top 3 Leaderboard for island levels at spawn.

- Added Rentable SHOPS!!!!!!

- Added Rentable Shop Reset on Unclaim! So you will always buy an empty and ready to go shop

- Added Voting Rewards that actually work.

- Fixed Crate Rewards. [They used to be the wrong rewards...]

- Added Rare Crate

- Added Legendary Crate

- Added Donor Crate

- Added Vote Party rewards [Every 50 votes there is a Drop Party!!]

- Crates unlock both items and commands such as morphs.

- Added Cool Island Perks! Both for donors and for Members!

- Added Ability to buy chat tags!!!

- Added Scavanger ability. If you fall you can save 1-3 Rows of Inventory. You can buy with in-game money!

- Fixed ChestShop Signs

- Small tweak on [Lockette] To prevent from turning every sign to lockette sign if it was close to the chest.

- Added Leaderboards at pvp area!

- Small tweaks on chat messages.

IMPORTANT: Creative has been removed from donors. It was glitched and donors have sold millions of creative items! 

These are all the changes that have been done so far. I will get the rest of the staff to test everything first and then it should be all ready to go :)

Thanks for your patiance. I want to take my time and work on all of our servers this way. The past 3 days i been working on skyblock and i fixed and added quite a lot of new and fun stuff :)


gammerkid15 Does anybody make servers for ppl??
Black Side Nice joob
bdboyer Nice going!

Skywars Maps Contest Winners

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Mar 14, 16

Hello CraftRealms

Long awaited contest winners are finnaly chosen!

The winners are:

1- TarickPvP

2 - Jennyc01

3 - Lisa1051

4 - DeathTrollMc

5 - Flammer

6 - Ostpol

7 - mdmongi

8 - xNexotX

9 - MasonTheGood

10 - Hilary689

Congratulations to all the winners, The prizes will be given out to you guys in GEMS. Yes Gems and not coupons because Gems are way better to buy stuff with.

A coupon needs to be always used in full and sometimes you want to wait to use the rest of your prize money but you cannot. WIth Gems you can use just as much as you need and you can save the rest for later.

Additionally Gems can be gifted. This means you can share your Gems with other users who want to buy ranks from our shop.

Congratz to all the winners once again.

MaikolGamer93 hi <3
Pepe\InfernoMC Mod Congratulations to the people who won!

CraftRealms Reborn.

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Mar 12, 16

Hello CraftRealms


Craftrealms has been having lots of small issues in all the servers which in all contributes to one big large issue. To tackle this issue i am going to whitelist almost all servers and work on them to make more stable and with more features.

How Long Will This Take?

Not long. As i said most servers are fine but need some bug fixing and also some changes to make them better and more "attractive" to the player's eye.

How can I help?

You can help by providing constructive suggestions about the servers down in the comments. If you do have something in mind please follow this format when posting a comment.



Thank you :)

How will we know what has changed?

Once we are done I will post all the changes that took place.

See you soon!

NiceHaxBro -HarleyQuinn- Lobby premium
SpartCrafter Server:Skywars Suggestion: -Using the plugin MGSkywars to have signs in the game to help players find the ideal mat...
Skythe1Dfan Server: hub Suggestion: Donors/staff can only chat in the hub and members have a chat cooldown of x amount of seconds OR...
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