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TMod Applications!

GrrBarkWooF OPUnited PawsVIP posted May 18, 15

Hello CraftRealm'ers! It is that exciting time of the year yet again. Before i continue, i want to thank all staff members for being active and for helping us moderate this huge Network we are all part of. Being a staff member is more than just a rank, it is a responsibility and a commitment that we agree to withold as soon as we click "Apply" on our TMod application. Every single staff and pre-staff member is expected to stick to that responsibility and commitment that they started off with. With that being said, anyone who seriously considers becoming a staff member should already have in their mind that the road to success will be hard and plagued with many problems, both in game and in real life. If you are one of those who will plan to pursue this path in your CraftRealms life, please keep in mind that like i mentioned before, not everything will be sunshine and rainbows. Furthermore, we look for those individuals who portray maturity and who in our eyes will keep the commitment to the very end.

Anyways, i am happy to announce the opening of the Trial Mod Application period. It will start May 23'rd. The applications will stay open for 2 weeks (Ending on June 6). Good luck to all those who apply!

elvis1 Hello Saturday night was playing on the server and I found a hacker and want to report it ... you will see if they ban . ...
kevin1919 hola buenos dias quiero aplicar como TMOD yo soy unos de los jugadores mas activos en thebridges y quisiera ser TMOD ya ...
derpig I want to apply but are staff req to be good at pvp?

4 Years and Counting!

Pr0Acid OPOne and OnlyVoter posted May 10, 15

Hello CraftRealms, we lived through another year!!!!!

CraftRealms becomes 4 years old this 16th of May! It has been 3 years since I been owner and 4 years since it was populated with awesome players :P.

To Celebrate our fourth Anniversary we are plannning to do the following:

1. Have 2-3 tournaments this month!

2. Give away a total of 4-6 Donor ranks to the top 2 winners of each tournamnet

3. Doubling voting rewards

4. Giving everyone fireworks at hub.

5. Have a new limited time offer rank.

6. Streaming most of the tournaments and having stream giveaways.

7. Karaoke tournament on our Teamspeak. Get your vocal cords ready!

8. Maybe some cake for everyone ;D?

Thanks for being here with us for so long. It has been a rough 4 years but we are still here and we are still going forward!

Thank you! <3

Regarding the Limited Rank:

The rank will be on the store tonight.

1. The rank is permanent.

2. The rank is slightly higher than Prestige

3. The rank has a special shiny name

4. The rank can only be bought 30 Times and then it will never be on the shop again.

DoofusDoesMC Craftrealms is Awesome. Happy Birthday
PvPWarrior HB CraftRealms!!! =D
Moxxi Pie Voter Happy Bday CR! I first joined in 2012, and have had great memories since then! Thanks for keeping dis server together! b ...

CraftRealms Updates

Pr0Acid OPOne and OnlyVoter posted May 6, 15

Hello CraftRealms,

It's been a while since I made a public post on the main page but I have some News I wanted to share with you guys.

First of all with voting. We need everyone's help to get our server known to a lot more new users so we can increase our veriety of userbase. To help increase our voting I want to ask you for your help to suggest what you guys think is appropriate for rewards for voting. Bellow i have posted a list of things that i am already planning on adding for rewards. Let me know if you have any new ones or if you think we should tweak some of the ones on the list.

Here is the list:


- No idea :P Maybe money or blocks?


- XP

- Money

- After voting for 1 Month you get a free DONOR KIT!


- Points

- Kits


- Points

- Kits


- Any Ideas?


- Money

- XP

- Free MINIGUN after 1 MONTH of voting

- Free FLAME THROWER after 1 MONTH of voting


- Money

- XP

- Blocks

Top Monthly Voters:

1st Place - Nova Rank

2nd Place - Eclipse Rank

3rd Place - Nova Rank

4th Place - Hero Rank

If you think the of any other rewards for voting or the top voters leave a comment bellow :)

Now going to Donors.

I added a few more things to the shop and made them all 50% OFF.

Also we are doing a new thing with top monthly donors. Each top monthly donor gets to have their own custom contest of any sort. (Building, Word Puzzle, Drawing etc) and they get to pick someone to win a Eclipse Rank!

Top donor so far for this month is: shadownxd1

Edit: Now top monthly donor shows on the main page under the online users section.

Thats all i have for now.

Thanks for reading!

takedown411 I know about pvpwar If you vote it will be x5 the kills you got 1 player killed = /mstats 5 kills already
ThePepster For pvpwar, if you voted you could get iron? Maybe 20-50 every time you vote? And say every 10th or 5th time you vote yo ...
OblivionLord Top voter rewards should be coupons to encourage the ppl with ranks to vote and aim to be top voter aswell.. 1st place: ...
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