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Skyblock Changelog

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Sep 18, 15


  • + Holograms were added back and used much better
  • + Mob Commands were added
  • + NPC's were added
  • + Custom Commands are added
  • + Custom GUI Menus are added
  • + Scoreboard was added
  • + New message broadcasting plugin has been added
  • + Message format has been updated to match one style
  • + Voting has been added back
  • + Voting Drop Party added. Once Goal Reached items are given to you!
  • + Added Mob Farm. /Warp Farm or use /warp and click on the gui.
  • + /Info command added.
  • + Portals for Nether + End are added. It costs 1000$ to use the portal. You can still /sethome there or whatever you like so you don't have to use the portal each time.
  • + Nether + End RESET every time the server restarts! This is awesome because you get to kill the dragon many times and you get to be on a fresh nether world each day.
  • + Chestshops tents are being added to create your own shops.
  • + Added better /list /who view.
  • + Vote Crates were added.

I worked on these changes for a few days now and got them all up and running today. I think this is a much better approach on getting things done. These changes have made the server much more organized and fun to play in.

The only things left to do are

- Rank commands/perms bug-fixing which takes some time because i need to sit down and set the perms for each rank and balance them out.

- Player shops.

Those are the only things left. If you have any suggestions for any new stuff to be added please let me know.

Next server i am going to focus on for the next few days is PvP Factions. I have some cool plans that i want to get into place and hopefully bring back life to that server.


whitevic2002 as craftrealms redeem my points at things skyblock
DannyMe Hey um how can i register when i tried to register it says someone already got the password im using i triend every word ...
Andokool12 it's good


Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Sep 4, 15

Hunger Games

  • + New Plugin
  • + Sign Walls Protected with region. Players cannot select specifc arenas but they can auto join.
  • + Auto join system helps make sure that when player count is low, players will not be in different servers waiting for a long time.
  • + Hero rank and up can enter protected region to select a map or spectate a match they have already left.
  • + Spectator system is enabled.
  • + Shop and Kit System.
  • + Deathmatch System.
  • - Carepackages removed. [Were not despawning]


  • + Fixed Cobblestone not being breakable after being placed.
  • + Fixed Nexus loading as unbreakable block.
  • + New StartUp Script that deletes old world and puts in a fresh copy
  • + Maps now will be fresh each time
  • More Start Up Kits Soon.
  • Donor Features Soon.
  • More Maps Soon.. They take hours to configure :p

Super Craft Bros

  • + Fixed 3 plugin errors that caused server to take forever to restart.
  • + Save glitch that stopped data saving seems to be fixed.
  • - Voting features were removed as they were part of the issue.
  • We would like to have more maps. Get creative people and make something cool :p

Ultra Hard Core

  • + Tab health has been fixed.
  • I know the scoreboard flickers. Not a big deal but i know that bug is there.
  • Teaming sometimes is odd. If you want to team up withsomeone do /team leave then /team invite the person.

Open World Hunger Games

  • + Fixed Donor Relogin Glitch.
  • + Invincibility timer set to 1 minute.
  • + Kits are free for now.
  • Point system and Kit Shop will be added at some point.

Insane Skywars

  • Skywars 5 + 6 will be turned into Insane Mode Skywars.
  • + Chests have Over Powered Items
  • + Get ready to rage quit much faster now! Haha :)


  • Almost Ready. :P
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WallyYT I do not know what's happening


Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Aug 25, 15

Hello CraftRealms,

Quick updates:

1. Hunger Games

    - New Plugin

    - Better Join System. Maps will start faster with autojoin signs.

    - Spectator System

    - Sponsor System

    - Point System

    - Kits, Shop, Donor Kits

    - Deathmatch for all Arenas has been fixed. No more falling to your death!

2. Kit-PvP Server has been added. We are still in beta so expect changes and bugs.

3. Skyblock is now ONLINE!

4. Prison server ranks have been fixed. The old permissions plugin has been removed and replaced. Ranks will no longer reset.

5. Pixelmon Server is now ONLINE!

6. New Hub Server Selector Plugin and Menu.

7. Working on lots of new fun minigame additions

8. UHC has been added. Fixed Health not showing correctly at the Tab section.

9. Open World Hunger Games has been added.

10. Super Craft Bros has been added.


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