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PvP Server Update

Pr0Acid OP posted Aug 1, 14
Hello CraftRealms

      After long work, the PvP server is 99% ready and will possibly open back tonight!

A few things have changed and I would like you to read this post carefully as i will try to answer almost all concerns to avoid confusion.

- Spawn World. We have a custom made spawn world which looks amazing! Thanks to Dr_Bond for his contribution and hard work on the spawn.
- Around the spawn PVP is enabled and there are a lot of areas to run and explore.
- To start your faction you need to teleport to the wild!
/Warp Wild , Warp Wild2 , Warp Wild3 
- To get to the nether you can do /warp nether
- To get to the End you can do /warp end
- To get to the shop you can do /warp shop
- To see the ranks on the server you can do /warp ranks.
- McMMO has been limited in a few ways to balance pvp and mining. Max levels have been brought down to 700.
- All Worlds have a 25000 Border
- Money, inventories, Factions, McMMO stats, PvP Stats have been reset.
- Runes were NOT added.

Donor ranks have been changed in quite a few ways. For starters there are now 4 Ranks instead of 10. 
The Ranks Are:
- Fighter: 10$
- Guardian: 25$
- Rebel: 40$
- Olympian: 80$

These ranks had their perms and kits changed. Please check /warp ranks for more exact info.
Commands like /tnt /antioch /fireball have been removed from all donor ranks.

To make up for these changes everyone has been given a massive rank boost. EVERYONE who had a rank bellow guardian was upgraded to Guardian. So even if you had a Fighter rank, you now have been given Guardian. To all those who had Guardian and above, you now have Olympian.

ALL OLD Crusaders, Rebels, Rangers and Olympians please leave a comment bellow with your username. Due to the fact that now Olympian is 80$ Everyone who bought Crusader and up paid 90$ or more and You will get a store coupon of the amount difference. Please make sure that you leave a comment bellow if you had bought any of those 4 Ranks listed above. I still have the list of old donors so i will double check all the comments. If you are caught lying you will be banned from CR for 60 Days.

Rank Info and perks will be updated on the donor store tonight as well.

This update was done with the aim of achieving a very balanced pvp/rading experience. We tried to be as fair as we could with all the donor perks so donors would not mess with the gameplay of non-donors.

Thanks For Reading!

- Pr0Acid
LittleSasquatch LSasquatch Rank: Olympian have not got coupon yet! ...
Emolester Voter ign : Emolester Rank : Olympian Haven't gotten a coupon yet.
Rami620 VIP ign: Rami620 Rank: olympian used coupon used about 20 dident know 1 use


Pr0Acid OP posted Jul 25, 14
Hello CraftRealms

Thanks to all who took the time to apply. This time around we had the most applications we ever had so far in our server so the chance of getting accepted got lowered by a lot.

Remember that if your name is not on this list, it doesn't mean that your help is not valued, it just means that you need to work a bit harder to get yourself known and to help the community in any way you can.

Without further ado, here are "the chosen ones":

- FreyaPlaysMC
- Choco42
- RashFlygon
- FirstFireFalcon
- xxHoboJackxx
- Dragonoid12
- MrxMaster123
- Jadix

- Sprayerxx
- Jorjaestelle
- Overcrafter

PvP War/ Clan War:
- Jsanchez55
- asmcint
- Davislabolt

- xxBlueSalemsxx

- RainbowOcelots

- himty
- CraftingEmerald

- Jsanchez55

- VivaPedroxJr
- Spodii69 
- xVenHD

- Zamadomix69
- ThaPoraThes

- SpeedBob123
- Thegamerzhut

**Sorry if i have misspelled a username, if you do spot a mistake leave a comment bellow

Good luck to all the new T-Mods, Remember that being a T-Mod you are not excluded from the rules, you are expected to follow and enforce the rules of our Network accordingly. This is a trial period to show us what you have to offer and to prove to everyone else that we made the right decision to pick you for this position.

- CraftRealms
gundam_kirito I think Each Admin should have their [Work Time in server For helping] When they are free in real life so they wont play ...
Edgecraft5v VIP People, please do not disrespect the new T-mods, I found out the hard way :3
frostyclub i never saw i wish i could be one for creative
   ALL current members in good standing and active within the previous 60 days have been added to the whitelist. 
  To learn about, read the rules or make make an application to join NightFall go to
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