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Pr0Acid OP posted Sep 1, 14
Thanks to all voters for supporting our server on a daily basis! We have been getting on top lists on almost all sites that we posted our server on thanks to you guys! Keep it up!

- Jennyc01 - 50$
- Kennyle_ - 25$
- mrhappy2103 - 25$

- Nightrdr - 50$
- DFX - 25$
- Jennyc01 - 25$

Coupons have been sent to your enjin account. Please note that coupons are only 1 (ONE) use and if NOT used fully, all remaining amounts are lost.
KovlorPL I got #2 in april and no reward and tag
Petu87 I have a suggestion can you add in bridges and in some other games to chose the team you will like to be on bacause so ...
Blazer20132013 Votero Got #1 in February and no reward, just saying...

NightFall reset done

Nightrdr OPVoter posted Aug 26, 14
Reset Status: NightFall has been reset and opened for members. 
Applications are being processed again. If you want to join NightFall make an application at

Changes to note:

Banned players will still be banned.

Difficulty Mode changed to HARD (was Normal)

Grief Prevention starting claim blocks changed to 1,000 with additional 200 claim blocks every hour of activity by a player, and the maximum claim blocks raised to 10,000.

Chunk mob limit is still 75.

The End is a no build area (sorry no Enderman Farms), but there will be "safe” platforms made (in time) so you can still get ender pearls.

The Nether Skyway will be rebuilt, but will take some time (2 weeks?).

Firasmeto2311 how to add character im not premium
ligo Hello there! Please can turn water into creative is I'm doing a minigame in my creative plot and need. pllllizzzzz! I ne ...
kololz The reset is done. Nice new seed you've got with many Mesas and at least 2 mushroom island I can see. Don't forget to do ...
Hello everyone!
My name is kilker12! For those of you that don't know me I am the sole founder of Craftrealms!
Over 3 years ago my friend showed me Minecraft and I thought it was the stupidest game I'd ever seen. Then I tried playing it after he left my house... I didn't sleep that night.
After playing for some time on SP I discovering a service called Mineshafter (Are they still around anymore?) and got into a cracked server. I hated it. Everything was done poorly and made me sad. Then I realized Mojang allows anybody with a mouse and some batch file/networking experience run their own server, so naturally I had to try it out. I then figured I would post it on Mineshafters list of servers and see if anybody actually joined. I was thrilled to have 5 people playing on my server (hosted on my PC... imagine the laaag of a home internet connection!).

Heres a video made by our old head admin Bakersix of our 2nd(?) ever map. It made me cry uncontrollably.

Fast forward three years through many more map resets, a change of ownership, a player-sent death threat sent to my house by mail (yes, I'm serious), and many missed homework assignments, CraftRealms has become one of the biggest Minecraft servers the world has seen with 2000 members playing at any given time and over 30,000 registered users.

So yea guys, feel free to ask me any question that may cross your mind in the comments section below and Ill be sure to answer it! Ill also put together a list of good questions and answers in this post.

I might just be talking to people who don't give two poops about the history of their favorite server and just want more candy to stuff in their face so here's a big bar of chocolate for all you sugar-lovers!

EDIT 8/24/14: Yes I'm still going to try to answer your questions. I see that there's a lot that still need to be answered! Tomorrow between my classes Ill sit down and take more time to answer everyone's questions!
godlydemon1 why i can't register it sed i have exeeded maximum account but i tried random names like uasldijasdoiasdj but it sed exe ...
ItsFunny Is there gonna be a reset on prison cause I want a cell? Please be one?
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