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Update Log #2

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Sep 18, 16


Update Log #2

It has been 46 years stuck on this island! Everyone is dead.... Or Maybe NOT?

I think Perry the coconut is hitting on me but i dont know if i like him that way. I might have to break his heart.

End of log.


I have noticed a lot of questions about what servers are going to still be around and what servers are not going to be there. Well lets make this clear now.

In the past we had multiple dedicated machines to host servers from which means that we can have many servers. With that in mind, having mutiple beast machines does not come in cheap. The past few months before the server went down we were not even making 50% of the costs to run the network. Which is fine, i am NOT complaining. We have made more money in the past so i was fine with paying for the other half from my pocket. 

Not only that though, seeing how most of those servers were mostly empty i dont think its worth spending so much money for servers that are not being used. 

SOOOOO now I got 1 machine that is not too expensive which means we can host less servers and spend less money. You see how that works? Yea? Good.

So the servers that are planned to be on CR for now are:





Small version of Elo PvP.


Get your credit cards out for Harambe because the servers that cr will have depends on you guys. The more support we get each month in our rank store the more machines we can afford and the more servers we can run!

BUT WAIT! Do not get ready to donate yet. Wait for the server to go up and see if the ranks are worth it for you. if they are then go ahead and buy one. If not then thats totally fine :) At this point i can 100% afford to pay for 100% of the costs of the server so even if we get 0 rank sales a month the server wont be at risk.

To kill 2 birds with one stone, OLD Ranks are being moved over to NEW Ranks:





If you notice there are 4 now instead of 5. So this means whoever had HERO rank in the past, which was the lowest rank, will get a free upgrade to to Bronze. SO it goes like this

HERO and Legend ----> Bronze

Eclipse -----> Silver

Nova ----> Gold

Prestige ------> Elite

SO NO YOU DID NOT LOSE YOUR RANK! If you got a rank in the past you still have a rank now it just has a different name. Makes sense? Good!

These ranks now cost MORE! So you welcome for the upgrade.

Why they cost more?

Because there is a change in the way ranks work now. Also because i really want a new lamborgini. My old one got a scratch! Bummer!

So there are two sets of ranks now. There are the Legacy Ranks which last FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER....

And there are the PLEB Ranks which last for 30 days. THEY HAVE THE SAME PERMISSIONS BUT they last only 30 days.

The 30 days ranks are pretty cheap so if you want to support us monthly you can. BUT IF YOU ARE A RICH Guy with that GOLD Credit Card you can purchase the slightly more expensive ranks that never expire.

This is much better for the server and for the players. Ranks now get more permissions and they are more balanced. 

I think thats it for the log of the day.

P.S. Perry and I might become official. Stay tooned! There are spoilers throughout the whole post! DO NOT skip to the end!

Cya next time buddy!


AlphaJumping I am waiting for next post Pr0 If u close that i will be killed
Rkbtm Pr0 since the server is going to be slightly smaller. If the server was to be full, would there be a donor priority?
pablohassan FOWNER And if I am Fakeowner, What rank will I have?

Almost There

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Sep 18, 16

Update Log #1

It has been 2 years stuck on this island! Everyone is dead....


Today i purchased the new machine it's now being set up by the host and then once i get it i will move the files from the small test machine and start setting up for opening to the public.

Not sure how long it will take but most likely once we open Skywars and PvPWars might be the only 2 servers that work. Slowly after that we will roll out skyblock and then factions.

Stay tooned for Update Log #2.

AlexitoPue_YT Hola, me llamo Aleander.Alguien podria decirme por favor cuando estara el server en linea? Estoy ancioso por jugar en mi...
souptik2 can anyone tell that when will this server be online pls?? waiting anxioulsy!!
Mr_cake28 Will skywars be like the old one? Because I wach the stream on twitch "fixing Crafrealms" and skywars ...
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