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2017 CraftRealms Event #1

Nez8228 OPVoterVIPEliteGold posted Jan 22, 17

YOsoyELPAPUH Ayuda CR no me deja registrarme y no se que hacer ayuda plissssssssssss
Brandon12345 Hey you know that since yesterday I get the ip address you are joining from is linked to a banned player
Conquer Hello why server down i cant play from yesterday


Pr0Acid OPOwner posted Jan 11, 17

Hello CraftRealms,

Today we added a custom plugin to our network known as RankDrop. This plugin tracks votes and when we reach our goal it will pick one voter and send them a code for a rank that they can claim at the shop.

How do i enter the giveaway?

You just need to /VOTE. Once you vote your name is added to the list and when the goal is reached it will pick a random winner.

If i vote more do i get a better chance?

Yes, the more you vote the more your name will be on the list. [Max of 4]

What server can i check the votes?

Right now you can do /RankDrop ONLY at the HUB server. But soon we will make it so it announces rolling times and votes to all servers so you can know from any server.

Do i have to be online?

No after you vote you don't have to be online to win.

How do i know if i won?

Check your /Mail at the HUB SERVER. If you win you will get a MAIL from the SERVER with the code.

How do i check the vote counter for the drop?

Type /rankdrop at the HUB.

If i am a donor can i still win?

Yes, it drops a code so you can either use it if its better than the rank you have and if not you can give it away.

Can i use the code to upgrade my current rank?

In most cases yes. The code that drops will be enough for a specific rank but if the upgrade costs the same or less you can use it towards that.

Does the plugin drop RANKS or COUPONS?

In theory it drops "Ranks", when you win you get a COUPON which you can use to buy a rank. This is better than dropping a specific rank incase some people want to use that to get a better rank or they want to give it away.

Good Luck TO ALL!

/Vote daily ;)

FENIXYT Man,in eggwars are a lot of hackers i want to change that,i want to make craftrealms great again,i want to be admin for ...
N3Xus_ hej! mislim da si balkanac a ako nisi ond nezz,ako mi mozes reci sam zasto je CR sad ugasen plzz reci =(
G.B LungoN_ x Good buy rank better then for Bronze
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