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Pr0Acid OPOne and Only
Pr0Acid @ PvP
posted Jan 1, 15
Hello CraftRealms

Servers will be down for at least a week starting today. (January 1st) In the mean time the ip will point to MineBlade for those of you that have premium and still want to play on a network that is made by the same people as CraftRealms. 

Please make sure to spread the word and let everyone know that we will be back soon :)

Happy New Year, Lets make 2015 an even awesomer year than 2014 :P

See you SOON.

- Pr0Acid
Red2bio it is the 18th I can click on the server but it says that im not whitelisted! does that mean I cant play on craft reamls ...
dawn1 Can you help my account set a password I can't join it says max number
6jeanps6 If they could do that would be the maximum ;)

Happy New Years!

HeyitsMrT OPCo-Founder posted Dec 31, 14
MrT here, just saying Happy New Years to everyone :)
dyl359 could someone tell me how I logeo in servivor that are not as
Jay ok guys NOW its working

CraftRealms Updates + MineBlade

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only
Pr0Acid @ PvP
posted Dec 27, 14
Hello CraftRealms

We are going to completely rebuild CraftRealms to make it better and more stable.

We are going to rebuild a lot of the main visited areas such as hubs and also redo plugin setups and rank perks.

For the past 4 months i have been busy with my studies and a lot of the main things i used to take care of have fallen out of place. i now have time once again on my hands and we are going to take 1-3 weeks to redo the things i have planed.

Once things open again it might seem a bit different at first but you should get used to it fast enough ;)

CraftRealms will go down tonight and we will keep you posted for every step of the way.

While craftrealms is down, the IP will be pointing to MineBlade.

What is MineBlade?

IP: |

MineBlade is a premium custom coded network me and Konato have been working on for the past few months and is now in Alpha stage. Since back when i started hosting servers, i always wanted to see what it feels to host a Premium server. Don't get me wrong, cracked servers play an important role to me, i started my minecraft experience there because i could not afford the game and i am so happy that craftrealms can do the same for thousands of people every day! But with cracked servers also comes a much greater percentage of issues, hackers, and technical difficulties that are sorted out easier in a premium server. Additionally with the release of UUID's as of right now, cracked servers cannot update any further than 1.7.9 and i want to keep going with minecraft into newer versions. 

Note that MineBlade WILL NOT replace CraftRealms. It's simply another network i am running. Plus MineBlade is much different than CraftRealms in many levels so you cannot compare them equally.

So do not feel lost if you end up on MineBlade while trying to connect to CR, it's temporary.

Thanks for everyone who has been with us for all these years :)

See you around :D
krispop246 I hope we dont have to redo our sky island
krispop246 Wow cant waite good luck on building but i play crack server any good servers i can play untill craft realms is fix caus ...
DanOracle A lot has happened since the server first opened, and more surprises await in both the servers hopefully far futures. Al ...
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