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Hello CraftRealms,

     We are testing out a new Donation System called Buycraft. It's simpler and more organized than enjin and also it allows for more ways to donate.


     Everything is 25% OFF for the next 2 weeks. Thank you for all the amazing support :)

- Pr0Acid
troublemaker55 admin to your website but I've been a member server in the realms of craft warning appears when you enter the wrong pass ...
jubberrubberrrr I bought Olympian 7 times and it say re-buy ......
jasonlee0801 Voter Please people stop spamming the comments with all your problems. Post them on the forums. Only on the forums people will ...

CraftRealms Staff team wishes you happy holidays!

We hope you are having a great spring break and warm holidays for those celebrating.

Everyone was given 500 extra points which you can redeem at the point shop.

We have many new changes coming to CraftRealms, many of which have never been seen anywhere else :)

Get excited

- Pr0Acid

XUnityMcX I Didnt Get One Too Can I Get? 500 Pt?
saad56 How do i get the 500? i didnt get it
Agsdgfsr I never got my 500 points

Minigame Ideas

Pr0Acid OP posted Apr 17, 14
Hello CraftRealms

     We are seeking ideas for a completely new type of minigame and we would like to see what you guys can come up with.

     Submit your ideas here: Form

The idea that will be chosen will get an Overloard Rank on all the minigame servers. 

Contest ends on Wednesday April 30th 2014.

Good luck and thank you for taking the time to participate :)

- Pr0Acid
bg9jl74q Has the contest been cancelled yet or is it just me? It's well into July and I can't find any posts about it cancelling ...
scharfdan2000 @ Prison
can a helper plz help me plz????? this guy named americo scammed me and took my op sword can someone plz help me :::::: ...
XxBlueSalemsxX o OMG! Today's 1st of May! So who's the winner?
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