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That rule is not a new rule. It just had fallen into a period where it was not enforced.   After staff review it was determined that the switch back was too fast in some ways.  As a result, staff will enforce the English only in the chats except not in townychat.  That means it will not be enforced in mail, signs, or pm - onlt is the chats.  At some date this may be tightened, but it is not expected anytime soon.

The Head Admins on the mini-games may choose to allow other languages as they see fit, but all staff are expected to enforce the English only in Towny chats (except townchat) rule.


Top Voters [March]

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Apr 2, 16

Congratulations to our top Voters from March

1) PvPKing                 - 100$
2) AngelPaws             - 80$
3) Blockbuster           - 50$
4) GoldenPuppy         - 30$
5) Nigthylol45            - 15$

Prizes have been delivered :)

Thank you for supporting the server!!

abdel144 lol
ItzJohnGG I can just change the name and keep my rank?
Love_ya Ayy Lamao

SkyBlock Changes v3.0

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Mar 16, 16

Skyblock Server Changes:

- 1.8.8 Server Update. [Yes now that server has the 1.8 blocks]

- Fixed Challenges!!!

- Fixed Island Levels

- Fixed Island Top

- Added Fancy Top 3 Leaderboard for island levels at spawn.

- Added Rentable SHOPS!!!!!!

- Added Rentable Shop Reset on Unclaim! So you will always buy an empty and ready to go shop

- Added Voting Rewards that actually work.

- Fixed Crate Rewards. [They used to be the wrong rewards...]

- Added Rare Crate

- Added Legendary Crate

- Added Donor Crate

- Added Vote Party rewards [Every 50 votes there is a Drop Party!!]

- Crates unlock both items and commands such as morphs.

- Added Cool Island Perks! Both for donors and for Members!

- Added Ability to buy chat tags!!!

- Added Scavanger ability. If you fall you can save 1-3 Rows of Inventory. You can buy with in-game money!

- Fixed ChestShop Signs

- Small tweak on [Lockette] To prevent from turning every sign to lockette sign if it was close to the chest.

- Added Leaderboards at pvp area!

- Small tweaks on chat messages.

IMPORTANT: Creative has been removed from donors. It was glitched and donors have sold millions of creative items! 

These are all the changes that have been done so far. I will get the rest of the staff to test everything first and then it should be all ready to go :)

Thanks for your patiance. I want to take my time and work on all of our servers this way. The past 3 days i been working on skyblock and i fixed and added quite a lot of new and fun stuff :)


gammerkid15 Does anybody make servers for ppl??
Black Side Nice joob
bdboyer Nice going!
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