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Couple of updates.

SammyPaws OPUnited PawsVIP posted Dec 20, 15

Hello members of CraftRealms.

Today, we have a small amount of announcements to make.

First of all, we'd like to inform you that we are almost finished with setting up the Towny Server. The server should be back online after New Years and we will start accepting applications for towns as of Monday or Tuesday. If you decide to apply for a town, make sure that you have at least 2 assistants that will be able to help you build the town. You will be given access to the server before we launch it so that we have a couple of towns available to players that wish to join a town.

You may apply for a town at At the moment, the towny app is not yet available, but it will become available once we finish up a few things. The app will more than likely be available for use Monday or Tuesday.

The CraftRealms Staff Team is happy to announce two new additions to our team. Please join us as we welcome back Jennyc01 as a Super Admin, and we welcome AngelHeart as a new KitPvP Trial Moderator. Many of you know Jennyc01, she was Super Admin but she took a break and is now back with us. Please make them both feel welcomed as we know they will be of great help around the server.

That's it for this update, be sure to check up on this page as we will be posting more updates soon.

PonchIJero_Pro y Setsi hey am almost new so i wanna know how to get rank :3
bg9jl74q I hope the rest of CR's core servers come back soon!


Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Nov 11, 15

Some Ranks Might Have Been Lost.

If you have lost your rank, please comment below whit the following information:



How You Paid: [Money] [Coupon] [SomePaidForYou]

Date: [When You Got Your Rank]

We will try to help you asap.


eren0207 username: amkiller rank: legend how you paid: paypal date: 07 october 2015
eren0207 username: eren0207 rank: eclipse how you paid: paypal date: 07 october 2015
VoidMC Username: VoidMC Rank: Overlord How You Paid: paypal -$26.24 Date: April 19, 2014


WHO:  All NightFall members

WHAT:  There is a plan to have a showcase of NightFall builds Pr0Acid as the host. He will record builds, edit the recording, then post it to the CraftRealms YouTube channel.

WHEN:  The actual time each week is not set, however the time is unimportant as he is recording, not livestream.  Players do not need to be by their builds when he records. 

Where: Well duh.

We need you to post the coords of any build(s) you have that may be of interest to others.  If it is a large project (like a town) it is ok if it is not complete, but no open fields with a sign saying future home.  This is our chance to show the rest of CR what the players on NightFall can do in SURVIVAL mode. 

Only comment to post a short description and the coords of your build.

Pr0Acid plans to make this a monthly weekly thing as he knows there are many builds that will take some time.

ninjatdm can i be a legend 1 month no paying
TefiVlogs i lost my rank Link:
coolguy0012 ohh dmn i really missed playing in nf nooohhhh i wanna join back again :( but i cant play mc hehehe its crashing when i...
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