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Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Sep 10, 16

A few poeple have messaged me already asking for a livestream of the process of rebuilding the network so they can see the progress but also learn how things are done behind the scenes in case they ever want to make their own network.

I could do that but 90% of it just just tweaking and working on the configs which might get boring for some.

Either way if you guys want me to livestream I can.

Leave a comment bellow and let me know if that's something you are interested in.

My Twitch:

Markitoh When open :v?
~❄xStab❄~ GTA as well doe..
HaruPlay I have a question that is going to happen with my rank Nova?

As the title says... we are meeemefing the donor rank names. I need 4 coool donor rank names!

The person who leaves the best 4 rank names will get a special place in my heart and a 20$ coupon for our store so they can buy that special meeeemefied rank!

Contest ends in 7 days from now!

GOO GOO GOO. Keyboards out for HARAMBE!

Chan I like the names we had. Hero, Legend, Eclipse, Nova, Prestige. I'm fine with it being the same.
Slurpeey Eh, The whole idea of this is to bring it back... Why not actually bring it back to the good old days? Back with Guardia...
EggyRepublic 1. Much war 2. Very skills 3. Such pro 4. Very hacker
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