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Pixelmon is Back

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only
Pr0Acid @ Skywar3
posted Jun 7, 15

CraftRealms Pixelmon is back.


Mod and Info on how to install can be found: HERE

Enjoy :)

jesusgamer67 como puedo pagar sin tarjeta
Daniel78 porque cuando ingreso login y la password me hecha del minecrafy u me tira un error ayuda xfa
ZyphelisWind_ im the only one online :(

Top Voters & Donors of May

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only
Pr0Acid @ Skywar3
posted Jun 2, 15

1st Place: SaturdayMash - Nova Rank

2nd Place: JennyC01 - Eclipse Rank

3rd Place: Konato_K - Legend Rank

4th Place: Ouja - Hero Rank

The top voters please leave a comment bellow on how you want your reward to be given to you since some of you already have ranks.

1. Coupon

2. Pick someone to get the rank.

Thanks for being dedicated voters and supporting CraftRealms <3

Top Donors of May

1. MeowkinsRingo

2. Adwester127

3. JSanchez55

(NOTE: I chose 3 this month because they were all very close to each other. Next month there will be only 1 Top Donor :p)

You get to host a contest of any sort and get to pick a winner for an Eclipse Rank. Once you have done so comment here or on my wall with the person's name :P

Thanks for supporting CraftRealms <3

Vote Crate Legend Rank Winners of May

1. Linkou770

2. WiListheName

3. SaturdayMash

4. SnapTheGamer

5. UnknowNoob

6. RenegadeYT

7. ItzPayday

Congratz :P

WiListheName i have NOVA rank already , is it possible to give it to someone else my Legend rank reward?
hatersgonn Im supposed to get a coupon so thats why i am commenting.i was in the nightfall team.Last 2
UnknowNoob how do i get my rank?

New System Of Transactions Is Finally Here

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only
Pr0Acid @ Skywar3
posted May 27, 15

Hello CraftRealms!

After about a month of waiting, paymentwall finally accepted our shop and now you are able to checkout in 50+ new ways, including:

- Credit/Debit

- Bank Transfer

- Paysafe Card

- About 15 more prepaid cards

- Prepaid - Visa/Master Cards

- Phone

- Mint


To check what is available for you, once you are at our Rank Shop area and you have selected a package then proceed to checkout and make sure you select Paymentwall instead of PayPal!

Thanks for supporting CraftRealms :)

- Enjoy!

Skrillex (SunriseAdams) No Cirrus? Damn it :l
Bobo12323 How to register password
derpig no bitcoin XD
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