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Hello CraftRealms

    The Official CraftRealms YouTube channel is going to be used again by 2 YouTubers that i have recruited so far. The channel will be a lot more active and I hope you will enjoy the content that will be posted almost daily. 

To get you involved with the video and to see how you guys like it, we are having a giveaway of 5 Overlord ranks to 5 random CraftRealmers

Here is what you need to do:
1. Must register here on the site.
2. Must be subscribed to CraftRealms on youtube.
3. Must leave a comment on the latest video on the channel.
4. Leave a rating on that video to let us know what you think.

Giveaway will start once we hit 800 subscribers! The subscribe button and the latest video is on the top of the homepage :)


I went to random number generator and generated 5 numbers between 1-55 because both videos had about 55 comments. Here is what i got:

Here are your random numbers:

14	30	5	21	37

Timestamp: 2014-04-06 20:29:26 UTC

After that I went to the first video and went to the :
14th Comment Winner: Derpy Dur
30th Comment Winner: Bermuda Beast
5th Comment Winner: UberBlaz3

Second Video Winners:
21st Comment Winner: PhanPlaysMinecraft
37th Comment Winner: jeric jay

Congratz to all the winners. Please message me on YOUTUBE with in 48 Hours from that winning username to get your coupon code :)

Thank You!
Cougar923 I msged the channel on yt, when will I get a reply?
Zenubuscus OMG! this is so awesome!! Thank You so much Pr0acid and aLpFrIeNd! ...
D4sssy Huh. Will there be another giveaway?

Important Please Read!

Pr0Acid a posted Mar 29, 14
Hello CraftRealms, please make sure you take the time to fully read this post. 

   Hello guys, as many of you have noticed, I have not been able to be as active as this server required me to be. I am in college and life only pushes more responsibilities my way. My studies are getting harder, my work hours are getting longer, and yet the only time that is shrinking is my free time. I have been trying to keep up with the server on my free time but simply there are not enough hours in a single day for me to catch up with everything. I have to let go of some things and focus on some others.

   This server has come a long long LONG way. And only very few know the work it has required to get to this point. It deserves a lot of attention and hard work to keep going and growing. Something that i might not be capable of offering.

   The other day Spigot (the minecraft server backbone) broke the builds that we use and all the servers were down. That same day i was studding for a midterm the next day, and yet i was still on the servers trying to get things working. Same thing was happening the day before when a hard drive went full and 3 servers totally broke. It took me over 4 hours and still was not able to get them fully working. I had to give up studying time because i wanted to get the servers up. I did good on my midterms (well at least i hope i did) but i had to give up time from something that determines what the rest of my life will be about. 

  This whole thing led to me thinking about priorities. I have to set some sort of priorities in life, and especially now, because i will not make it far like this. I honestly have been really stressed trying to balance studies, work, life and minecraft all in the same 24 hours every single day of the week. It has become a routine that has not really made me any happier. 

   This whole week i been thinking of quitting and letting go so i can move on with my life and studies. I thought that's what i wanted, but this morning i changed my mind. As i said we have come a long long long way and me giving up on this server, on you guys, on all the people who worked with me, on every single donor who paid money to make my hobby a success, would diminish all that work and i feel like that would make me less happy on its own.

   So here i am, i have come up with a plan and i will be giving this server one more go. BUT for this plan to work it will require work from everyone involved. NOT just me, NOT just the staff, NOT just the Donors, but every single player who claims to be a craftrealmer!

   First of all I want to start off by saying that the reason why things things have gotten out of my control are because i slowly started drifting apart from the staff team and the community. The only reason why the old craftrealms felt so much better than the current one is the fact that back then i was able to communicate with over 80% of my players and staff. Now that number has dropped to less than 10%. While communicating, you guys were able to tell me what bugs there were, what needed to be added to make things interesting and often i would simply have a conversation and get to know you as a person. All of this would be hard to achieve now with the vast amount of players we get daily, but i feel like i have given up on it and that should not be the case. I want to give it a try and give you guys a try. At times i do not respond to msg's even if they simply are asking me how i am doing. This is because i get spammed with other messages about non-sense and then by the point i get a good message i just dont bother to even read it.

   So here is the solution i came up with on my way home today. I have created a new forum section called Pr0Acid's Office. This section of the forums will allow you guys to post BUGS on the servers. I think this is one of the most important things i need to tackle down. If that happens i feel that my chat will be a lot cleaner.

Here are the steps i want you guys to follow from now on:

If you have found a bug i need you to report it!
Report Bugs: Here
Suggestions: Here

Please read that forum thread for the correct format of submitting a bug report.

Second thing is that i need everyone to stop spamming me on any social media that you can reach me and on the servers. If you have something to tell me do it at that post above.

Third and last thing is that i need you guys to be patient.

Here is my schedule. I have classes and work Monday-Friday from 7AM to 9PM. So this means that during week days i will not be able to do much. So i want you guys to be understanding of that.

On the weekends i will try to set up a schedule for livestreams and for teamspeak hours where you guys can talk with me and we can have a laugh or two.

I will really give this try my best and i hope the communication with you guys will give me a new perspective at being the Owner of this community.

If this try fails i will step down from power and i will give the domain name to a person that i think will do a better job than me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know it might sound like i am having an awful life, and thats not what i want you guys to get from this. I want you to understand that i don't want to reach the point where i will hate what i do. I love this server and i love the fact that i was the owner while it became what it has become. I do not want to stay to the point where this community and server becomes something other than what i wanted it to be 2 years ago when CraftRealms was reborn!

Anyways thank you for the support for the past 2 years :)

"a once handsome man who now is even handsomer ;P"


stickaidan Hey pr0, when you get the free time, i kinda still haven't been able to get ahold of you on skype... i'm one of the &quo ...
SuperJosh635 Since 2010, I have been saying that this would happen dude and it has.. We went from 1 server of 50 players max to this ...
pkermaster Craft Realm is far the best server I have ever played , I hope you still be the owner and it stays alive ...

Donor Ranks Changes!

Pr0Acid a posted Mar 29, 14
Hello CraftRealms, There have been a few changes with the donor ranks and there will be a lot more coming soon.

Here is what changed:

PvP Server:
- Creative was added back to Olympians.
- Also whoever bought creative within the last month please leave a comment and you will get it back for 1 month no matter for how many days you donated for it.

- God is back on TITANS and up!
- Creative is back on TITANS and up!

Massive Change on the Minigames Ranks:
Now the ranks on these servers:
- SkyWar
- SkyBlock
- PvP War
- Hunger Games
- Parkour
- One in The Chamber
- And future minigames

Will have the same ranks! This means you donate once and you get a rank on all of those servers! The ranks never expire! Here are their names and prices.

Price: 10$

Price: 20$

Price: 35$

These ranks are only working on Skyblock at the moment but will be moved across all 6 servers listed above by Sunday.

Also the shop will update to match these new ranks and their perks.

Thanks for the support!

Without donations we would never have made it this far!

NegatiiveXp7 DONOR I donated for gmc and lost it within a day when it got removed
FTpuppyFT i got the gmc when it was broken
Skazzy3 Thanks pr0. Everything is perfect now. (All we need are rank upgrades)
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