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Demonicom OPPvP GodPVP-GOD posted Thu at 17:42

Hello CraftRealms, 

      As many of you may know, CraftRealms is taking a little break from its everlasting adventure. And I thought.. well I guess I can try to revive something out of it. Since it is, indeed summer break and I have a month to work with, I decided to remake the pixelmon server. I was able to get some help from Pr0Acid to create this server. Pr0Acid, as you know is very busy. So I will be running the pixelmon server as "Owner" for now. 


      The pixelmon version is 3.5.1 and the minecraft version is 1.7.10.  There are later verisions such as 4.2.0, however I thought I would like to keep it simple and not crash everyone's computer. The server just came out, so if you spot any bugs, please post it on my profile and I will try to fix them. As for gymleaders, there will not be gymleaders for now, as the server just came out. Once the server is at an even standing point, I will add gymleaders. Beat all the gymleaders, you get to the Elite Four, and you get the point. There will be tournaments from now and on, as well as events, where I will explain further info on my profile. 

For now, here is the IP: (Same as before).

I hope to see all of you there! 

Top Voters April

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted May 3, 16

Congratulations to our top Voters from April

1) CyberHell             - 100$
2) TigerrPaws           - 80$
3) Nightylol45           - 50$
4) Santi08                 - 30$
5) PVPKing               - 15$

Prizes have been delivered :)

Thank you for supporting the server!!

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LungGraphics gg! Tigerr good it need best xD
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