SkyBlock Update Changelog

Reneqxde OPSenior-AdminVoterUnited Paws posted Sep 1, 18

Admin Notes
▪ Server has been reset, this was needed in order for me to implement certain changes as they would have altered major aspects of the server. If I had altered plugins and continued the server to run it'd become unbalanced for new players as existing players would have a head start with earning money and island levels. Some plugins were also removed which would mean certain things would be rendered useless, for example the custom enchantments on armour and tools.

Server Join Book
▪ An information book has been added to a players join inventory which details basic commands if a player needs any help with finding/using certain commands.

SkyBlock Plugin
▪ 6 starter islands have been added to allow for more choice - these islands vary in difficulty so choose wisely.
▪ 250 block points is now worth 1 island level instead of 100 per level.
▪ Mineral blocks no longer make a major contribution to your overall island level. As a result grinding to be the top island takes more time and requires you to build up your island instead of just placing mineral blocks on your island. This is subject to change at anytime.
▪ The /island top command now opens a nicer looking gui and you can also view more information about a specific island such as the spawners they have.

▪ Hoppers can only be bought and not crafted.
▪ There will be a limit of 300 hoppers per island.

▪ Hunger has been slowed down to around 2x slower than normal to allow players to focus more on playing instead of having to eat all the time.

▪ The nether will now change seeds each time the server restarts - this is to minimise the use of /sethomes to save the location of a good fortress.

▪ The ability to upgrade spawners has been removed - it may return if I decide it needs to be added.

▪ Menus have been slightly tweaked - there's also a new custom menu for the island panel.

SkyBlock Top 10
▪ Added a hologram to display the top 10 islands on the server.

▪ Sell prices for some ores have been reduced by 50%.
▪ Poppiers have been removed - refer to IronGolems section of the changelog.
▪ A new shop has been added that sells decorative heads - there are thousands to choose from so you're spoilt for choice.

▪ Added CratesReloaded!
▪ There are 3 crates - Tier I, Tier II and Tier III. View them at /warp crates.
▪ Keys are currently only given/earned in your weekly kits.

▪ Kits have been buffed and as such have become weekly kits instead of daily kits. You can still only claim the member kit and your donor ranks kit!
▪ Weekly Kit that contains crate keys has been added
▪ Each kit receives 1 key for each of the three crates found at /warp crate.

▪ Mine is now purely for mining - no wood, glass, grass or other stone family blocks.
▪ Percentage rates of mineral ores and blocks has been reduced slightly.

▪ All players now have the ability to place and silk spawners.
▪ You will also be unable to break spawners using a pickaxe without silk touch.
▪ Spawners will be placed directly into your inventory upon breaking them.

▪ You can now convert your earned EXP into bottle form using the command /xpbottle <amount>.
▪ There is a cooldown between uses - donators have a shorter cooldown than members who recieve the default cooldown time.

▪ You can now convert your earned $$$ into a banknote using the /withdraw command. You can also use the /deposit command if you've traded or bought banknotes from another player.

Bonus Experience
▪ If you are near a spawner it will grant you some bonus experience - the radius is around 40 blocks or so.

▪ Iron Golems will no longer drop poppies, they will only drop iron upon being killed.

Custom Enchantments
▪ 80+ Enchantments
▪ Protection Crystal
▪ Black/White Scrolls​
▪ Destroy/Success Rate​
▪ Enchantment Limiter​
▪ Magical Dust​
▪ Tinkerer​
▪ Blacksmith​
▪ Lost Books​
▪ 9 tiers of enchantment books

Ore Generator
▪ Regular players and donators can all obtain the same blocks from the ore generator.
▪ Some ranks have slightly better % rates.
▪ Member & Bronze have Tier 1, Silver and Gold have Tier 2, Elite and FakeOwner have Tier 3.

Donater Effects
▪ Wings
▪ Block Trails
▪ Rain Trails

A little surprise!

Nez8228 OPHead-AdminVoterHotBuns posted Feb 25, 18

Hey guys! We’ve been getting some interest in getting SkyBlock back up and running. I’ve decided to take on that task and present to you

CraftRealms Skyblock!

I’m glad I’ve finished working on most of it before my birthday and today I present this server to you guys as a birthday gift!

This Skyblock includes:

- Craft GUI

- Spawner upgrades

- Auction

- Trade

- Custom Ore Generators

- Custom Menus

- Public Mine

- Shops

- ChestShop

- Bartender

- Iron golem pet

- and more!

As this is the first release of this remake of Skyblock, please let me know below if there are anything that needs tweaking and I’ll take a look into it. I’ve gone through suggestions given by you guys on the forums and have decided to have this version first and we’ll look into more features in the future. I’ve decided against adding Mcmmo as the plugin’s current build itself isn’t working properly for now. We’ll keep an eye out on future updates. *Kits will come soon, just need to figure out what kind of kit items would be cool enough for release.

Donor perks


» Able to sell 15 items on Auctions
» /hat
» /pnick
» /repair (all items/armor)
» /ptime
» /god
» /fly
» Maximum of 3 /sethomes
» Ability to create coloured signs
» /kit Bronze
» Use of coloured item names in anvils(color codes only)
» Bronze level generator
» /chest


» Everything from Bronze
» /feed
» Able to sell 20 items on Auctions
» /kit Slver
» /craft
» Silver level generator
» Skyblock max team size 6
» Skyblock max homes 6
» Maximum of 5 /sethomes


» Everything from Silver
» Able to sell 25 items on Auctions
» Gold level generator
» /kit Gold
» Maximum of 10 /sethomes
» Skyblock max team size 8
» Skyblock max homes 8Everything from Silver
» Able to sell 25 items on Auctions
» Gold level generator
» /kit Gold
» Maximum of 10 /sethomes
» Skyblock max team size 8
» Skyblock max homes 8


» Everything from Gold
» Able to sell 30 items on Auctions
» Elite level generator
» /clearinventory
» /kit Elite
» /repair (enchanted items)
» Use of colored item names(color and format codes)
» Maximum of 15 /sethomes
» Skyblock max team size 12
» Skyblock max homes 12


» Everything from Elite
» Able to sell 50 items on Auctions
» /heal
» Keep XP on death
» FakeOwner level generator
» /kit FakeOwner
» /echest
» Maximum of 20 /sethomes
» Skyblock max team size 16
» Skyblock max homes 16

Please note that the contents of this post and the permissions granted on the SkyBlock server are subject to change at anytime if we, the headstaff team deem that it is necessary to alter or remove perks given to players.


Diegooh estaria mas chido que se pueda romper los spawners :v
ChanceTheSinger revive the server and open facs back up. I have been waiting for months.
Nightrdr OPVoter Kudos Nez. With you in charge I am sure it will be a success.