PvPWar 1.4 - New Years Update

Konato_K OPDEVEliteUnited Paws posted Jan 19, 16

Since the last update there were several changes, PvPWar 1.4 was pushed on the new years update and some of the changes were already deployed to the server (mainly bug fixes), however, here is the changelog for that version.

Release 1.4.0-6ab0f37

  • Add achievements
  • Add anti camping module
  • Add explosion scatter module
  • Add pre-made teams for tournaments
  • Add pistons attribute for normal regions
  • Add recall ability for classes
  • Add /clearstats command
  • Add /toggle observers
  • Add <keep> option in item module
  • Command /friends now shows a list of friends
  • Domination points now show their status on scoreboard
  • Implement new tab header and footer for MC 1.8
  • Save killstreak and longest shot for players and matches
  • Several bug fixes
  • Other changes for future features

There is no official list for the achievements, players should have to cooperate to get the full list of existant achievements, currently they are only visible in the stats page (either on the top bar of CR's site or via BunnyCarrot) and it's planned to show them in game in the future.

bdboyer Hi konato. I found a Bug in pvpwar 1 (...I think) . when someone capture the flag and die (at a same time) he will respa...

June and July Updates

Konato_K OPDEVEliteUnited Paws posted Aug 2, 15

These are all the updates that have been made since the last major updates.

Release 1.3.8-3391c7d

  • Add checkpoint module
  • Add friendship system
  • Add /friends command
  • Change destroyable modes message
  • Fix bug with cakechat interation with higher health
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • Prevent pistons in protected regions
  • Store highest killstreak per match

Release 1.3.7-22bfad7

  • Add compass to track enemy flag holders
  • Add resource for Pirate
  • Allow telefragging to work if friendly fire is enabled
  • Add kills and modulo attribute to <classreward>
  • Add lores attribute for <item>
  • Fix some minor bugs
  • Improve tracking of bomb and telefrag kills

Release 1.3.6-2fb6c03

  • Add module to deny leather dyeing
  • Add module to drop player heads on death
  • Add nerf-strength module
  • Add new and missing prefixes
  • Add wither bow cooldown
  • Add displayscoreboard attribute for Bridges
  • Add /joinall command
  • Add /team unlock command
  • Do not modify mob spawning ticks
  • End matches if server is empty
  • Fix bug with joining to locked teams
  • Fix bug with persistent locations
  • Implement shaped recipes
  • Improve generator options
  • Improve localization
  • Improve match start countdown
  • Other minor internal changes
  • Show percentage of completion for partial destroyables

As you can see, there is now a friend system and it works with the /togglemessages command. There is a friend limit of 5 friends per player, frienships must be mutual and last forever, every rank has space for 3 more friends.

More Updates

Konato_K OPDEVEliteUnited Paws posted May 27, 15

The following changes have actually been deployed in the server for a couple weeks, but I haven't done the proper changelog here, there are also other new changes than the ones listed here, but I will put them once work in PvPWar 1.3.6 is finished.

Release 1.3.5-f258115

  • Add kill reward conditions
  • Add nether dimension module
  • Add restore attribute for persistent teams
  • Add storelocations attribute for persistent teams
  • Add <allowbeds/> option for maps
  • Add <worldtype> and <generatestructures> map settings
  • Deny damage by offline players
  • Fix lava updating after core breaks
  • Fix team switch cooldown not working
  • Other minor bug fixes

Release 1.3.4-97d81b0

  • Add minplayers attribute for teams
  • Fix a lot of minimal bugs
  • Modify item repair mechanics
  • Move helmet to player's inventory when they capture a flag
  • Prevent observer interaction with explosives
  • Remove unused configuration option
  • Show page number in /maps command

Potato Elite Konato, you should fix the broadcast/announcement the console issues when a wool is placed on Grandaddy's. It creat...

PvPWar 1.3.3

Konato_K OPDEVEliteUnited Paws posted Apr 8, 15

I haven't had much time to work in new features for PvPWar, however, I finished a new update with a lot of bug fixes and other stuff, thanks to the new hidden teams it's also possible to create One Flag Capture maps.

Release 1.3.3-b1e23be

  • Add cooldown while switching teams
  • Add hidden attribute for teams
  • Add unbreakable attribute for items
  • Allow map author to choose team regardless of permissions
  • Allow usage of an external rotation
  • Improve tab completion in most commands
  • Deny enderpearl teleport inside protected regions
  • Fix hurt animation not being played in specific situations
  • Fix issues with auto respawn
  • Fix minor issues with match logs
  • Fix spam when breaking monuments with TNT

Also, as a little note, due to the external rotation feature, now all rotations changes will be visible in my twitter account, these are instant, but the server won't update rotation until it restarts.

SourcyTech GoldSilver Awesome work Konato! But is a switch-team cool down really needed? Maybe after switching teams to many times, you earn t...
DylanDelaCruz Konato, i think you should make a new map called Pirates, Red and Blue. The goal is to make most kills by the time ends....
GnomeKnight Could you make the woodland domination's endgame points 5000. Because the spawn is soo far.

More PvPWar Updates

Konato_K OPDEVEliteUnited Paws posted Mar 3, 15

Release 1.3.2-764ab65

  • Add destroyable modes module
  • Add friendly TNT damage module
  • Add missing wool colors
  • Add original authors
  • Add TNT tracker module as global
  • Allow leaders to view and change the password of their team
  • Add overrideclass attribute to special regions
  • Add reapplyclass attribute for special regions
  • Add /sn as an alias for /setnext
  • Add <message> option for classes
  • Change order of the spawn books
  • Deal damage to TNT source regardless of friendly fire settings
  • Display remaining time every 5 minutes
  • Display score limit in /match if there is one
  • Fix bazooka dealing less damage than intended (half heart)
  • Fix exception in tag module
  • Fix observers being able to die by void damage
  • Fix possible crash while setting fancy display name
  • Fix tag set 1.1.0 not being supported
  • Make match logger register match objectives
  • Use a fallback message for /tag if not available
  • Use Commmons more often because it rules!

Release 1.3.1-57812c6

  • Add Commons as dependency
  • Add map settings for debug and fancy display name
  • Add tag module and proper command
  • Add leaders attribute for teams
  • Add usenegatives attribute for Team Death Match
  • Fix bug when disabling if database connection was not set
  • Track owned TNT for destroyable objectives
  • Use settings.xml instead of dimension file