Introduction to RainDrop

Reneqxde OPSenior-AdminVoterUnited Paws posted Apr 14, 18

RainDrop is an almost vanilla without any pvp, griefing or use of plugins that alter gameplay in a major way. The world is randomly generated and includes a custom built spawn and a world border of 10k block in each direction. At this time we do not set world borders for the nether or end dimensions.

Each member is granted 1 /sethome - we also make /spawn available to all members. If you live nearby other players please ensure your builds are marked clearly to avoid any damage, confusion or overlapping of builds. Keep in mind that griefing is not allowed and as such this means you should respect other players builds. You are also not permitted to cause the deaths of others players.

The server is set to a difficulty of normal and along with this creeper, ghast and enderman griefing has been disabled. RainDrop is currently running Minecraft version 1.13.2 and uses Spigot in order to run.

Along with this, RainDrop uses the following major plugins;
• Essentials
• BanManager
• CoreProtect 
• LWC | Help on LWC
• Dynmap | RainDrop Dynmap | You must be a Member in order to use Dynmap.
• DiscordSRV | In order to use this you must be a Member of our server and also our Discord.
• VentureChat | We have a few channels that Members must note - ./gu for guest chat, ./g for global and ./l for local.
• WorldBorder
• WorldEdit
• WorldGuard